Monday, August 1, 2016


Michael Miller


As I bow in heartfelt genuflection
to think upon the Greeks
who divined four words
for Love and it’s reflection
Agape is the highest form divine
with selfless care for those who are mine
It’s fruit is known by what I do
and building all the parts of you
phileo is brotherly affection
the natural friendship and it’s connection
storge the love that resides in family
within instinct and it’s propensity
Eros seems to be most appreciated
never have I found it one who’s hated
Two sides to Eros have manifested
both sides has mankind ever tested
Lust and the table of the self
or love of mate and pleasure in it’s wealth
All of us has been given this in measure
the dispensing of it can give us pleasure
But rapture is contained when all four live
when we with complete heart choose to give
all of us the truth within resisted
but knowledge of it ever has persisted
to teach us which we are to exercise
the breath of spirit which within us lies
will direct upon us our course and path
and when we pass love is our epitaph
1John 4:7-12
COPYRIGHT © 2009 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC



I have longed for you my love
as committed the tanager to sing
my yearn to hear your voice
as watercourses the mountains spring
My joy leaps like the springbok
at the thought of coming home
the beating heart within my breast
hungers for you alone
When the snow and ice melts
beneath the suns warming heat
the earth without her radiance
what I am do you complete
The blossoms in the grasslands
in errand paint their every hue
when your loves my garment
there is nothing I can’t do
The desert wind drives the sand
exposes parchment there below
nothing here satisfies my thirst
till you I will fully know
Lakes reservoir water drains
their brooks plunge unto the sea
desire is my own refrain
till when you live with me
When the molten lava flows
to torch all within its reach
the fire that burns within me
the ardor that did me breach
I cannot endure without you
you are the sinews to my bones
no cadence exists in music
without the ascend of tones
All that abides around me
might as well be dead
apart from your connection
lies lifeless thoughts ahead
I want to fly into your arms
as a bird glides to her nest
enclose myself in your embrace
and to there forever rest
I see with a heart of woman
for I know no other kind
the person you are consumes me
like you no other will I find
Every treasure buried deep in earth
every symphony of notes I hear
less than what conceives your worth
its ecstasy when you are near
COPYRIGHT © 2012 C. Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC


Mankind lives in an constructed maze
to occupy his heart and off truth to gaze
tightly woven ideology disguised as true
to keep the facts from coming into view
A world designed to feed ones greed
to convince inhabitants to exceed their need
the pursuit of pleasures and mammons wealth
competition and vanity disguised as health
The dark ages have become darker yet
when majority have materialism as mindset
love of family and neighbor is reduced
inflamed selfcenterness has Satan induced
A life of luxury many seek to attain
to develop good character do many abstain
ambition for substance does quality drain
and know not why ones existence is pain
Generosity and hospitality things of the past
the revelry and parties society holds fast
if you don’t partake you become outcast
those in the know know the party won’t last
to seek ones fortune and acquire it’s fame
within books of history to have ones name
contemn your neighbor as not the same
and for self failure do others blame
Fame rarely attracts true affection
but character within upon inspection
honesty and loyalty things to value
without fidelity no friendship is true
To inspect ourselves in light of whats good
and distinguishing qualities are understood
days that are filled with useless chatter
not considering the values that really matter
What we desire to impart to each other
will determine whether enemy or brother
givers and takers in one world live
in demonstration Jesus chose to give
So many this life has richly gifted
with talents they’ve used others have lifted
Hype, this system with all it’s gloss
a possessor of things but character loss

via Duboff Law Group LLC

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