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Dear friends we would like to thank you all for taking our monthly web journal to a new height. Our Poetry Archive has got a readership of more than 152300! With this March issue we are completing our second year in web publishing. As you all know from last October 2016 we are publishing special Continental numbers focusing on poets and poetry of a particular Continent in a single volume. We had already published the European special number of OPA in October 2016. Where poets from all over Europe had participated with their poems both with the original version of the poems and the version translated in English. We had done this only to facilitate our European readers to enjoy their favorite poets in their own languages. After the success of this endeavor, last December’16 we published the North American Special edition of OPA, which was a huge success! Now this March we are presenting our 3rd Continental Special edition covering entire Africa. Readers can read poems of poets from Algeria to Mauritius, From Egypt to South Africa, from Tunisia to Kenya, From Nigeria to Uganda. Still we are not satisfied as all the countries of this great Continent and the various literary traditions have not been covered in this single volume. Yet we can guarantee that our readers will enjoy an African flavor in this special number of OPA. Our specials thank goes to the poet contributors of this volume for participating in this special edition of OPA. More over this March we are introducing a lot of new poets to our regular readers. We hope you would enjoy the poetic merit of these young talents. It is one of the principals of Our Poetry Archive to give the younger generations an opportunity to showcase their individual talents in the international arena of literary fraternity. And we are continuing with this principal from the very beginning of our journey in web publishing.

Is poetry the supreme expression of the noblest human emotions: of love and sympathy; of awareness of the infinite value of life; of the realizations of the eternal truth through the strokes of individual talents of creative genius? Yes poetry is all these together in a single volume of human brilliance! And a poet’s life is the extension of human consciousness into the eternal essence of life and sympathy! His soul belongs to the future as well as to the present of his own time with the cultural heritage of his predecessors. So a true poet lives not only in his contemporary time but also in the time future with his cultural heritage projecting the eternal essence of human sympathy and consciousness.

It is the magic of poetry which every poet wants to live with, to explore and to put an individual signature of brilliance into it. So we with our limited capacity wish to capture this entire phenomenon in this online monthly poetry journal and want to present our readers a flavor of contemporary poetical activity around the world. So next April we’ll again explore the different literary traditions and various poetical heritages that are expressing their cultural excellence through the individual literary brilliance of the present day poets of Europe, North and South America and Australia, New Zealand. So we are extending an open invitation only to all the poets of these regions to participate in our next issue.

Our next Continental Special edition will feature the poets with Asian origin.  So for this scheduled special edition we would also like to invite our friends from all over Asia to participate with their literary contributions. This edition is scheduled to be published in MAY’17. We would request you all, to clearly mention the Month in the subject line of your mail so that we know of which number you are contributing. And it is our humble request to all the poets and friends, please do provide us with your short BIO, written only in 3rd person narrative with all your submissions, so that we can introduce you with our international readers properly. It’ll also help you to reach to a much wider audience. People will recognize you instantly by your name.

Poetry is also a means to transcend our personal visionary limitations to reach the cultural extensions of our traditions and inheritance in this ever changing world. Poetry also constantly propels us towards the future. And a literary magazine or specially a poetical journal has much to offer to ensure communication between the poet and the readers evolving through traditions and cultural inheritance. So we would constantly keep on trying to establish these live communications, and only to ensure this, like our previous numbers we are presenting poet Silas Abayomi of Nigeria, currently living in US as the “Poet of The Month’ in this special African number of OPA. Readers will find an interview of the poet taken by our editorial team supervised by poetess Deborah Brooks Langford and poetess Stacia Lynn Reynolds.  We are really grateful to the poet for the interview and hope our readers will also enjoy both his poems and interview.

The last date of submission for both the April and May issue is 21st March 2017.  We would like to request everyone to submit at least 3 poems with one profile picture and the short Bio, along with the explicit confirmation, of your permission, to publish your copyrighted materials to Our Poetry Archive. Our email address is:

Please specify, in the subject line of your email, which edition you are submitting to, to avoid any confusion, and to assure your poems are published in the correct edition. We sincerely thank each poet, poetess and reader who is actively involved in this wonderful blog and continued support of Our Poetry Archive. You are greatly appreciated.

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