Saturday, July 1, 2017




Beauty is something given
longed for high in heaven
divine madness
bringing to its beholder joy and gladness
vitality of ongoing creation
spreading over phenomenal nation
Cosmic power in inspiration

Beauty is an inner attitude and state
The closer you get it the less it's about taste
but it begins in the physical
It's loving of all bodily forms superficial
The nature of beauty is relative and ideal
To understand its value
in comparison to justice, freedom or equality for most is an ordeal
You have to see the potential in me and you
Soulful beauty is level of higher consciousness
One meets beauty in emotion and awareness

Beauty is one
relief of the waves of wide ocean
Beauty is forever
Like the Ancient of days, the Visionary clever
Beauty is independent existence
Understanding the beautiful experience
will lead to righteous deeds after pure contemplation
Those thoughts become beautiful words practiced in speech and pronunciation

You can lose a beautiful face
but the idea of beauty won't lose its trace
Beauty belongs to God within
The cosmos is the highest beautiful appearance
Though the decreasing ozone layer is a wrinkle on its skin
The phenomena are prone to constant change and clearance
Beauty lies in pleasure of harmony and order
Beauty flows through friendship for use broader

Beauty is something primary and unique
It's as worthy as goodness and truth to seek
There's no room for selfish desire
It's thirst for immortality, for dimension higher
The forms are different, beauty is same
The ultimate perfection lies in God's name
The eyes are open for light in the highest sense
Pure beauty is experienced at birth
The eternal things have the deepest worth
Beauty is suffering through time's vanishing lens
© Eyeslikeblues


It's so deep
inside the feeling of peace creeps
you improve the quality of your sleep
don't mind the indifference of your peeps
because you met a natural healer
teaching you to ignore the attention thieves
mirror to Yourself needs no concealer

When everything around you is scattered
and even your mind is only matter
You wonder the extinction of sacred
You ponder if holiness is no longer bred
If every room has been occupied
If every space has been applied to
The spirit independent has replied
Home within yourself to build

Your body is like a washing machine
The hum of the laundry is meditation
Washing off the clutter is medication
Just like the clothes become clean
your mind becomes empty and serene
The laundry of your thoughts isn't doing rounds
You learn how to silence the surrounding sound

In this holistic unity
you shall reach higher immunity
your consciousness is cleansed of emotionally soaked
You won't die to stroke
You become fertile as nature and trees
As it lowers blood pressure
it protects the heart your treasure
Meditation nurtures like palm
Breath is the anti-depressant making you calm
© Eyeslikeblues


It keeps turning my belly
when you're badmouthing me for no reason
Tears of stearin are forming melting vax
Still my flame of hope keeps burning
I want to cast hope for love between sisters and brothers

I'm handing you diamonds;
but you're handing me complex wooden bricks in return.
You are as if you were most valuable platinum
but turn out to be fool's gold in reality.
But as a gold panner finds a treasure underneath the mould
our value together as friends is purest gold.
You had better to weigh glass anyway
because everything should become as transparent and real as that.
You can mold a practical dish of silver
but bronze would be of a lower caste.
Iron weighs like the best friendship
but it will start getting rusty within sands of time.
As people you're pearls to me
so you shouldn't have any reason to act like a villain.
© Eyeslikeblues


ANNE KORHONEN also known as Eyeslikeblues is a Finnish poet and spoken word artist. She was born in Finland and thus her nationality is Finnish, her mother tongue is Finnish and she currently resides in Helsinki, Finland.

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