Saturday, July 1, 2017




There is a dark corner
In my heart
Where I keep all my emotions
Tight lidded all sides
Where only I can enter
At times
To feel my emotions !
I close my eyes
For others not to see me lest
My eyes will give away
My sorrowful emotions !
My love is still alive
The fire of passion still burns
The longing still breakes me down !
I sit quietly in my hearts dark corner
to heal my soul  pure n simple !
I can see his eyes piercing my heart
I turn around and see him
Standing behind me
Not knowing what to do !
Don't want to feel his passions again
I made a wow, never to repent !
But my love for him
Lives for ever
In that dark corner of my heart !
©® Sarala Balachandran


Going through a dark  tunnel
I feel safe as the bombs will
not strike me dead on the spot
I hold on to the little children
I picked up from the streets
where there were terrorists
attacking with guns
The lil children were crying
No one to save them
I was passing by
And holding them close
hid  ourselves in the nearby
dark tunnel !
The dawn has set in
Where do I go for some food ?
The children are hungry and tears welling their eyes out of fear !
God's words were true
He takes care of all !
I saw a tree far away with
Wild fruits hanging aplenty
I run leaving the children
I must get fruits before
another strike from air !
I climb the tree with strong will
putting some fruits in my
basket, running fast again
to feed the hungry children
and me too, before we are panic stricken by the thundering sounds of the guns !
Quietly we kneel down in that
tunnel praying to God ! Please save us from these attackers and plead to them to stop the war and let every one be free to walk with no fear in minds !
I saw a light approaching  us 
I heard an echo I am here to save you !
He carried all of us on his shoulders
and disappeared to that beautiful paradise where everything is quiet and serene !
©®-Sarala Balachandran


When I am sad
I go for a swim in the sea
my tears merge with the
divine sea water so pure!
Sitting on the shore
I make castles with
the shimmery sand
only to be washed away
by the mighty waves !
The castle in the air I made
was blown away by
those harsh and heartless winds !
My heart wanders in my untrodden
lonely path with scary ghosts
dancing to the rhythm of
that wild music in the graveyard !
I walk away with fear
A fear of being left 
lonely in this world !
I look for verses staring
at the blue blue sky
My hunt for verses
get stuck half way
despair sets in !
I sit quietly in a corner
Looking at the spider
weaving its web
with patience and perseverance !
I get up and take a walk
In the nearby garden
picking up a twig
I start writing my poem
on a soft red rose petal
Dipping the twig in my emotional ink
my heart being my inspiration
The verses flow
as my tears roll down
Like a waterfall !

SARALA BALACHANDRAN: Country.  India: MOTHER language .. Malayalam. Nationality.  Indian  Place of living ... Kolkata, WEST Bengal, INDIA

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