Saturday, July 1, 2017




Only if     ;
The rose that blew your wind
knows  your name  ,
If  it knocked your door for a long  time  .
to wish for the perfume the last breath  .
Just if she did  ,
Just if that  .
cloud that looks like you   ,
stood in front of the mirror , and filled her hair ,
and didn’t conspire with my poems  .
just if she did  ..


What  hurt them  ,
all the mirrors if they forget my face  .
Perhaps they found a cloud to the maze  .
Perhaps    ..
What hurt them   ,
if  they conceal the details of my sadness   ,
When they remained neglected on the dark page of the memory 
looking for me  .
Even as if we were weaving in the water of our little names   ,
windows towards to a ghost of memory  .
We remember a picture  there  .. 
Hanging in the nail of passion  .

WHERE TO    ??

The sea that laughs now asks me     :
Where it will take you this poem       ??
I lay in the alley of words  .
Counting my weariness  .
I'm not a swan to restore the sky  ;
sweep my way in speech  ,
but that's not what I mean when
I fondle on the shoulder of a poem   .
But only I adore her    ..


FETHI SASSI Born on the 1st of June 1962 in Nabul  ( Tunisia ). He is a writer of prose poetry and short poems and haiku . He is a  translator of all Its poems to English. A member in the Tunisian Writers' Union . And member in the Literature  Club at the cultural center of Sousse. His first book of poetry entitled "A Seed of Love" was published in the  year 2010 . Second entitled ) I dream …. and I sign on birds the last words )in 2013 . His third book of poetry  " A sky for a strange bird “ in Egypt in 2016. The Forth published in Egypt march 2017 (As a lonely rose .. one a chair The first translated and published book in Canada  2017  ( and you are  the entire poem ) .

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