Friday, February 1, 2019




The world is in motion and so are we
Change is our fate
It happens unexpectedly
It occurs all the same ,either late or early
Green leaves turn yellow then fall
Roses bloom, wither then die
Youth curbs towards old age then disappear
Change is our lot, we may all of a sudden
Lose the years for which we fiercely fought
Wealth as well as health flow then vanish
And change happens all the same

Change can be for the good
Bright days as happy as childhood
Spectrum of light on you will zoom
And horizons of good luck
Will widely open their arms to welcome you
your sun will shine after each cloud
And warmth will dethrone chilly days

Change is a double-edged weapon
Sometimes on your side, others against you
But always seek change for the best
As it kills monotony and answers your quest


-Where have you been all this time?
My reflexive pronoun inquired
-Well ,I went astray
I reached a river far away
I drank and drank
I was filled with ink
-Luckily you didn't sink
But what is it for?
-Well this magic drink
Is to write our love story in image and word
To give it wings to fly all over the world
-What if you run out of supply ?
-Don't worry ! he who drinks from that well
Knows on whom to rely
How can a pen betray
A lover ,a word worshipper ,nay

A lifetime contract, I shall say !!


A tale was born
The day Ms A gave birth to a female
Whom she wished a male
With time they both believed in the lie
Tried hard but they did fail
The FE....MALE wore a fake face and bet on the race
Alas ,got split on the track ...the horse stumbled
The jockey was hurt ....the jodhpurs were torn
The reins uncontrollable they became
The FE....accused of blackmail...and the MALE
Forever made the tale !


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