Friday, February 1, 2019




I fell in love with myself.
I discovered that I am cool,
that I have value
and that I am really beautiful,
same as all the people
from this wonderful worlds.

I fell in love with myself
I discovered that I am rich,
more rich than the billionaires,
because I have the unique
love of God.

I fell in love with myself
and I am happy to know
that I am so powerful.
as long I never stop
to believe in love,
to try the mysteries of every new day,
and to even cry and feel
the bitter taste of desilusion.
I am in love with myself
And I love this universe,
Because I feel the beauty of life
And the wonder of our luck
to be creations of God.


I dreamed once to have red shoes,
As the princesses.
I dreamed to dance with my prince,
As a bird.
I wanted to be a princess
In a castle,
And to have my own red shoes
As Cinderella.
But I grew up, day by day,
As an adult.
And my dream is still at
A pair of shoes.
Even if I have lots of red shoes,
As a woman,
None are like my childhood’s red shoes.


We are same as a butterfly
who wants to fly up to the sky
but the wings are trapped in a cage
where, even dreams, nothing can change
in the cruel daily routine
which doesn't let the soul
so easy to win,
in the deepest fight of the life
between sin and all that is right.

We are same as a bird
who wants to fly freely in the world,
to sing about what was not told,
to stay on the nighest branches,
to be same as the angels.

We dream to be same as this bird,
and to live in a special world,
but one thing is no doubt,
that our wings are sometimes cut.


On the sky of every war,
Always, shines one star, or more,
With the wishes of the peace
And the light of happines.

Every word of any poem
Can bring smiles
Even in the saddest souls,
Can bring hope in darkest present.
Can be the imaginary road
Between two hearts,
Between present and future,
Between angry and laugh.

Every word is magical
And can remove tears
From the cheek of a child, or a parent,
Who dreams the freedom,
Even when the sky is in war.

Every letter of a poem
Is the key
To one beautiful life,
To one impossible dream
Which wants to become real.

Every poet is an ambassador
Who raises the flame of heaven
Even in the deepest hell.
Every writing is more powerful
Than any hardest weapon.
It can kill the hate
Even from the coldest heart.
With only one word,
The whole world can be amazing,
When we all talk about Peace.

© Sorina Ivan - All rights reserved.


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  1. amazing imagery, amazing have poetry in you,it is a natural fountain of words.wish you more success.god bless your pen.