Monday, March 1, 2021





In This Noisy World


All I look for is some quietude

The noise outside

The noise inside

All I crave for is some silence

The silence without the chaos

The stillness of mind and soul

Within and outside

As wish to experience

The bliss within

With noise all around

Yet a silence within

A perfect balance

Of mind and body

Somewhat meditative

Being in this  world

Living and breathing

Yet disconnected

Is this A state of Nirvana

Or am I enjoying this bliss

Amidst this chaotic world .



A Lone Traveler


Through the sealed voices

and the  muted tones

Through the fractured soul

With help from none

Having gone through the worst

to lose everything

She is no longer scared to lose

anything anymore

Her bruised identity

Her fake status in society

What society talks about her

As she is ready to take on this battle

To conquer her fear and rattle

To muster the courage to walk

Out of the hell

She is woman

who wants to live on her terms

She is ready to take a flight of fantasy

Touching the stars on the way

Today she stands tall to sway

With the pride to have walked alone

Looking back at the milestones

She is a lone traveller

She is her own world .






As I look into your

deep dreamy eyes

I see a lot of pain inside

The fake smile on the lips

May fool the world around

But I see a sea of tears

Held tight by your eyes

Only to find a path someday

to roll down aside

The pain in your heart

remains  like a dull ache

I know you don’t want to break down

I know you want the world

to know all is fine

But you can’t hide your tears

from me

As my heart is a mirror

Which reads your pain

And the mirror never lies

It’s shows the true reflection of the

Thanks and Regards




MADHUMITA SINHA is an HR professional with a MBA in HRwith a deep love for poetry, painting and Photography. The three P’s are her source of joy and happiness. She is a published author of the poetry book ‘Heartbeats’ and has contributed to numerous International and national literary journal. She is also part of 8 anthologies so far and writing for 3 more this year. She is a well-known face in Mumbai poetry circles. She is known for her strong voice for women centric issues and woman empowerment. She often speaks and writes on Mental health issues



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