Monday, March 1, 2021





Me And My Sweet Moon


The pretty moon in the sky

Seems crazily in love with me

For when I stand at the window

Behind the foliage to its face I can see


It stays there for a long time

May be to keep watch upon me

That from the shackle of love

For any other soul I should remain free


O Moon!! I love you too

For that I stand at the window

Wish I could fly away to you

Leaving for mortals my dark shadow



Wishing My End


Wish the life should end soon

I will go  to my eternal sleep

My pulse will fall silent and

I will no more smile and weep


Wish my time here to end soon

And I will lie steady in peace

In His land of justice I will live

And enjoy there the divine bliss


There is much pain in life here

It is impossible to have it more

Wish my journey through the sea

To end soon and I land on the shore



Rain Falls Upon My Grave


And the rain will fall

Upon my grave where

Inside I will sleep in deep peace

I have lost love for this

World and the cool rain

Drops will shower me with bliss


And the rain will fall

Around my grave and

Let the flowers bloom and shine

The world is no more

Giving me visits and

With the fragrance I will feel divine


And the rain will fall

Upon the stones of my

Grave releasing a melodious tune

Lying in silence I feel

Soothing touch of raindrops

As upon my grave they are strewn




ANIL KUMAR PANDA was born in a small town, Brajrajnagar, in Odisha. At present he is working in coal mine sector in India and writes poems whenever he gets time. He has already published two books of poems, Fragrance of Love and Melody of Love. He is working on his third book now. His poems have been published in many national and International Anthologies. He loves to write poems on nature and love.


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