Monday, March 1, 2021







Feeling not quite here any more

Blending in with the world and its surroundings

Feeling like a chameleon

Wanting to shy away

From the harsh realities that are life

At least for a while

Needing time to heal.

Donna McCabe (C)




Painted Escape


My mind escapes on canvas

I get lost in the world in which I paint

Playing with colours and textures

I get time to reflect and think

To create and unleash

Tell a tale in pictures

It's a therapy, a relaxation

That knows no bounds or fixtures.

Donna McCabe ©




Run Away..


Wanting to run away from everything

Get away from this down

And crappy life that I'm in

No one is there to take notice or listen

They don't call or even see if I'm in

So what does it matter if I up and leave

Go away with no note or sound

No one seems to care or notice me

When I'm here and around

Life it is a funny thing

People say they care and they'll be there

Yet when you really need them

Their all busy and so very scarce.

Donna McCabe ©




DONNA MCCABE was born and raised in the Rhondda Valleys, South Wales, UK. She now lives in a town called Penygraig with her husband Richard, a former post man,their daughter,their older sons having left home now. She has always loved reading and writing for as long as she can remember. She finds it therapeutic and a relief from life's every day grind and problems. She has been writing actively for the last nineteen years in which time she has had a large portion of her work published in a number of magazines, journals, local periodicals, poetry anthologies as well as various online poetry groups and forums in which she has an active member for many years.


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