Wednesday, February 1, 2023



The Planet That Doesn't Sleep At Night


The planet that never sleeps at night

it gives stars in people's minds

in the morning with a new story waiting

without withholding the multitude of details

so when light begins to play with nature

retro shadows of the soul wonder...


The planet does not sleep at night

which has massive dreams in its bosom

and it has long been subscribed to the future

precise when loving

practical when she hates

chronologically the key of the heart turns...


The planet does not sleep at night

that believes in ghosts and things like that

she makes a wish list

scheduling a meeting with the k`smet

outside the framework of tradition

where minds with deep intentions awaken...


All Our Linds


All our lindens

share happiness in small steps,

spreading fragrance through the play of the heart,

and we make fast decisions,

 with the fifth chakra we change the world


All our lindens

choose freedom every day

then we leave the excuses

in the forest of consciousness,

 without excess thoughts

we are waiting behind the wild garden


All our lindens

they have a short memory

because of our destiny

from unusual opportunities

and from the greeting of souls

that drag a traditional past


All our lindens

they are on a mission to bring us together in mature love

without testing the intense reality

towards an authentic future

before the altar of living blood

we breathe in lindens, we breathe out recycled life


All our lindens

they smell just like the original ones

arranged in order of splendor on the staircase of memories

insurmountably close to the end of reserves

while we stand before the intuitive mirror

as a reflection of the timid dance of life


The Robot That Could Love


The robot that knew how to love

he knew the language of tears - joys,

believing the stories of other planets

and about the Universe being a heavy literalist

while mechanically attending the global games

different from the artificial servants of the god Hephaestus,

the only one who put on his owner's shoes,

serving at royal drunken parties

where to the mighty he was a stringed deity,

and for the subordinates a clay statue with a soul

so when human gestures were pegged

to dry until the next virtual agenda,

while their passions were out of hand,

he like an overloaded ship in the midst of a storm

rejected all artificial intelligence,

inventing a new program called – love

wanting to save the people they hate

from their unbreakable rose-tinted egos

deeply locked in their practicality

December, 2022




ANETA VELKOSKA:  MACEDONIA. Aneta Velkoska was born in 1978. She lives and works in Macedonia. Work experience: professor, TV journalist, librarian, writer. Winner of awards for poetry, prose, drama: poetry book of the year, state award for essay, best drama script of a festival, first award in the world for Esperanto culture, special award for the traveling theater "Savages", with students, awards from the area of education and science. Acts: What Annoys Eternity (2001), Are All Gods Romantic (2004), First Macedonian lexicon (2004), The second love of the stone (2009), The Giantest Dwarf and the Dwarfest Giant (2010), Bad Yin and Good Yang (2018), Endless Frame (2019). She writes drama and film scripts. She makes creations from natural materials. Likes mountaineering, photography, occult sciences. She is the author of several multicultural projects.


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