Saturday, August 1, 2015



Looking back and read the past it is a yonder,
It´s a treasure and gift that was ago,they seated and ponder,
Sail us now in the sea of love. continue to battle and wander.
Be my  darkness, weakness, and the light mine heart, responder.
Together, admire the horizon of cloud and the sun´s wonder.

Is only in request; and it is also known as dangerous.
But in the aged of any kind of course, as it is virtuous.
The purity of heart and instinct is your guide, also when venomous.
Give in usual judgement, into the feelings  other is generous.
Is a good deed, but in the limit,don´t act like  traitorous.

Open and widely wherever the hearts achieve.
Words are magic,either too weak  to abide or just leave.
In the nation of love, i saw a king and spent his life to weave.
In his great heart, unsatisfied, to his manhood sought achieve.
But betrayed from his own deeds, esteem and believe.

Feel ...
So sorry, now that he find his love so complicated,
Give and  beliefs that much time to spend with her too agitated,
An abrupt distance is the effect, and to  feel isolated.
But awaited in the relation that made of love and consolidated.
How does it goes, one-sided, not seems obligated.

You go and walk with me or parting ways.
So thy world, thy beauty, and thy simple duty to praise.
Or live with me in fire of heaven and open blossom to blaze.
May this wisdom come with the shine of solar rays.
And travel to you and strucked out your hopeless days.

My love...
Expressed in so many ways,like a blessed kingdom.
A hearts dew spray,winged by bud and blossom,
By sea and land, admired and beloved by some.
Then, if I have much love, I'll give you all, if not a some.
My love, cuddle with me, feel the love, and the warmth  twosome.
Gina Anceata Ag

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