Saturday, August 1, 2015


John Ferado


This night for me was made for longing
I see your face the colors forming
I hear your voice but I can’t hold you
Tight within my arms
For feeling free and running wild
A dancing gypsy spirit child
Stole my heart the night she let me
Gaze into her mind
Life’s full story morning’s glory
Shakes me to my soul
I know the year I loved you
I wasn’t very old
I remember you
From San Francisco
We were passing through
Each other’s lives lions tow the line
Children’s books tell rhymes
When I go back in time
That’s when I miss you
In everybody’s mind
A golden memory rides
We shared a hill surrounded in moonlight
We sipped a bottle of dry red wine
A murphy bed in a grand hotel
And I loved you for a week
I wished would never end

PS: I wrote this before I met my wife. I was 21 and the lady was a 29 year old school teacher who was kind to me.

Copyright 1963/2014 by Dennis John Ferado

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