Saturday, August 1, 2015


Allan Boettger

Intimacy, salutations from one heart to another,
a search for sensuousness, tendencies to uncover.
You illuminate my brokenness, a puzzle unfinished,
your resolve to rebuild me, as yet undiminished.
Cherishing my soul, fragmented pieces in turmoil,
cleansing each shard in your blazing inferno.
This absolute love for you enrages my passion,
and true, it also drives me to distraction.
For your beauty alone, could lay claim to my heart,
but the brilliance within drew me from the start.
Your like a rare flower brought from the Far East,
yet it's upon your pleasures I do wish to feast.
Gentle is your touch, I seek sanctuary in your arms,
tender, your lips as I surrender to their charms.
Captured my heart, you've laid claim to it's all.
Forever and more, I will rest within your thrall.

© Allan Boettger 2015

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