Saturday, August 1, 2015


Abhipsa Pani
I can’t
You know I can’t
Simply can’t..

Condemn me with a thousand reasons.
But I can’t.
You know I can’t.

Call me an intruder,
Call me pillager,
But you know not ,
I believe in a diaphanous heart,
A glassy soul.

I simply can’t pretend
Can’t feign my feelings
I just can stand down the open sky
And wait for a bohemian
To enter this immobile heart
Listen the unsaid words,
Explore the dormant thoughts.

From the day you conquered my heart
From the moment you stole me from my existence..
I became yours
Wholly yours..
Gave you my heart ,soul and every entity,
Surrendered you my whole being..

Yes, you promised to be mine
Vowed to hold my hands in the rains.
We promised to shine,
Shine like the brightest star.

The promises ,the vows
Went into a dark hole
Darkness wrapped me in its cruel hands.
Made me suffocated,
I cried hard to breathe,
Didn’t know where to lead.
I yelled,
But I found u no more..

You were lost somewhere,
Among the leaves..
Deceiving me,changing colours.
Alas! You became a chameleon..

I walked,I paced,I ran
I leaped steps
To hold the dazzling droplets ,
Of the tempting mirage..
The farther I ran,the further you moved.
You were lost somewhere
Somewhere in the unmapped mystery
Of the never-ending plain.

How could I?
How could I lay open?
How could I unveil?
Expose the flushing blood
Out the wounds you stabbed?

I can’t
I simply can’t.
I can’t shriek out to the world
And blame you a Satan.
I can’t throw you out to the crowd,
Left to be battered..

All I can do is
Collect the shattered pieces
Of the crumbled card house
Of my benumbed heart..
Yes! My heart!
My lonely heart!
My poor lonely heart!
Can just ,sit still
And wait to see,
See my world getting shattered again..
Shattered like the waterdrops of the fountain fall.

Ah! I cant.
You know I can’t .
I simply can’t.
I can’t ,
Because the world tags me a girl!!!


Annwesa Abhipsa Pani

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