Saturday, August 1, 2015




Since i couldn't sleep,
I will pen a poem for you
I don't have to think so deep Because
I know you were the clue

I imagine the word smile
Whenever I think of your face.
Across the sea, under the sky
I see your eyes in peace.

I think I miss you that much
That i even see that two of us kiss
So sweet with tender loving touch
We dance under the moonlight shade

You are far, yet in my mind so near
The moment I close my eyes,
You are there, smiling so clear
Yes! I have no fear, that your love lies.

I love you, yes! I love you within my heart.
In my dreams we are never apart.

©Aine Albancis a.k.a. Ligaw Makata 11-11-14

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