Saturday, August 1, 2015




He sent her a Rose that so smelt like one
“I will await at your door, till I’ve truly won”
“What is in a name, A Rose by any other
will smell as sweet” and she said “why bother?”

Then she read his message, and unlatched the door
And there she found him kneeling, reeling on the floor
“Here my ‘Rose’ and my petals, call it by any name
Feel the heat and my the lust is flowing all the same”

Her passion grew as she felt her petals moisten
“ Ah ! how I feel the flutter engulfed by fire in the stem,
Her desire raging like fire and that succulent skin
She felt veins throbbing in her skin as her finger’s in.

Come baby, suck the nectar from my pink petals
As unending flow of honey ooze from my kettle
Holding his hair she pulled him closer to her “Rose”
Her petals fluttered as she shivered, moaned and froze!

His hands played all over and with great élan
He cupped her breasts as if a prize he had won
Till the last piece of linen parted from their skin
She devoured hungrily till his throbbing vein was in.

Jyo Jottypoet

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