Thursday, October 1, 2015



The scent of the sea travels with me since birth,
countless places I’ve discovered,
people I yearned to meet in time, I did meet
but when I touch you,
a voice like the existence of all beings
awakens from the earth, like
a house opening its destiny to the sun
nearing hope and love
between sound and silence,
I am there.
But when silence cries into a lonely heart,
when hunger and destruction afflicts the world,
when love is absent … I know the place,
I discover what hurts,
I understand the cause of pain
When luck, dressed with sadness, changes direction,
when a voiceless expectation leaves a person
lying on life’s beach exhausted, like a swollen whale…
I am there with you.
So, stay with me tonight, like an unfinished story,
touch me again like a galloping horse,
cover me with morning dew,
draw with your lips a rainbow on my heart.
Brighten my shadowy valleys with your sunlight.
My sleep awaken with your rays.
Travel my body through your continent of love,
by the intense flame of your eyes.
Narrate the journey of passion to my soul!
Touch me, till darkness exhausts itself.
Chronicle the story of our existence,
the reason for our genesis,
heart’s sensitivity explain,
to narrate to our descendants
events escaping their awareness.
Love re-grows its plains and valleys,
mountains, springs and waterfalls of body and mind,
the cosmic entrance of understanding opens,
love opens 
to understand how
as sunrise gives birth to blueness
the Aegean Sea gives me back my human face.
© Roula Pollard

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