Thursday, October 1, 2015


Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

the silence surrounding her
deafens her aching soul
as she ponders on some distant thoughts
that continue to haunt her down,
a faraway look can be traced down from her mystic eyes
the look of a yearning heart
dying to escape from this wilderness she’s in,
 she looked upon the stunning stars from the heavens
as she lamented if she could just fly there to a castle up above the sky.

Every morning, when there’s a thick haze outside
Her mind wanders to a sanctuary
Only in her dreams she can see,
As she dreams on, tears come rolling down her eyes
Like dew drops falling in an autumn day,
The mind can’t conceive sometimes
 What the heart is secretly screaming out loud inside.

As she traverses hidden valleys and crossed
The high seas in every nightmare she weaves,
She dare not step in to a forbidden place in her past
A voice somewhere warns her not to go through that tunnel once more,
And continue to move forward towards the light at the end
And so she walks on with bare feet touching the warm ground
With robins and seagulls following her trail
While singing her a joyful melody together with the
Rhythmic sound of the splashing waves.

Alas! She finally arrived at her final destination
As a blinding light came flashing in,
Towards her countenance
Illuminating her whole being,
Giving her a calming grace
Touching her inner core
Soothing her aching soul.

“I have seen the light!” she uttered in deep amazement
And that was just the start of a wondrous life
She created again for herself
To be a living example of one who
Faced her own ghosts of yesterday,
Of one who have overcome
The dark moments triumphantly.

Copyright July 2, 2014
Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

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