Thursday, October 1, 2015


Mark muthiora

Life happens a tick, a tock
The falling leaf, caressed by the wind
Gently laid on the ground with much love
The rustle- its scream, a wounded pain
When crushed by a rushing heel
of a gleeful child playing in the park.
Life happens a tick, a tock
Delightful sounds of the child
as she whizzes by, full of life
Oblivious to happenings around her
Like the rushing truck out of control
A crunching sound- life departed.
Life happens a tick, a tock
Tears amidst happy memories
As the earthworm nibbles at the leaf
Starters for the main meal
As the child is interred
Devoured; resurrecting into a new being.
The Circle of Life is now complete.

Mark Muthiora

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