Thursday, October 1, 2015


Sheena M. Annis.

I don't want to do it but I will
go on with or without you in
my life.
You keep asking for time but I
have given you much time. I
need to be given a reason to
wait any longer.
I am at a phase in my life when I
do want to spend time with my
special someone. He just is not
brave enough or believes enough
in me to take that step.
Yes it hurts but what else can I
do. I know there has to be more
to life than what I have experienced.
I deserve that chance to being happy,
to enjoy the company of someone who
is not afraid to hang out with me.
Love is not meant to be a world of
broken promises and excuses. I want
action. This is my plea to you.
Think about this seriously. This time
when I am gone, I will only be a
loving memory that you were
afraid to explore.
Sheena M. Annis.

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