Thursday, October 1, 2015



Every moment of the day
Is filled with loving you.
I know you've been waiting Girl
With love that's warm and true -
Clouds roll by and I write on them
That - I love you for all the days
You ask me how I love you Girl, well,
Let me count the ways.

I love you in the morning
Yes, I love you all day long.
But when the evening comes
My love is twice as strong.
Then, I love you when I sleep
In my dreams I long for you.
Waking in the night all alone
Often left me blue.

I love you when you smile at me
And when you look for me at night.
I love you when you giggle
Your laughter is so bright.
I love you because- You cried for me.
For no one has before.
I love everything you are
I love you - that's for sure.

I love making love to you
I love gazing into your eyes
I love calling out your name
I love listening to your sighs
I love your lips, your eyes, your breasts
I love your urgent need
Most of all I love the way -
You put up with my greed.

I love the way - I feel at peace, as I lay
Safe in your loving arms.
Woman - I Love all of you,
As well as, all your charms.

All Rights Reserved - Vlado Magic ~
For - The Woman In You ~

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