Thursday, October 1, 2015


Bob strum

How many significant themes
Govern our thoughts and determine
How we occupy time? It seems
We are preoccupied with sin.
Not necessarily out own.
Evil, which dominates the world.
Behaviour, we cannot condone.
Prejudice. Insults, which are hurled.
At times I merely sit and muse.
I write about the afterlife.
Some people may not share my views.
Is there a reason for the strife?
Strife can destroy all peace of mind?
Perhaps life merely a pointless
Exercise. No meanings to find.
And God? He leaves us to out mess.
Sometimes I write of love and loss,
Relationships present and past.
A plain life I want to emboss.
Passions, which were not meant to not to last.
Sometimes there have been tales to tell.
Humour often provides relief.
Like drawing water from the well.
I have described both joy and grief.
Words are the language of the soul,
Expressed for like creatures to hear.
That is the poet’s chosen role,
To let the world know we are here.
Themes are really universal.
My truth is also true for you.
Life not merely a rehearsal.
My verses are your déjà vu.
Although poems may sound the same,
They see life in alternate ways.
One scene but a different frame
There’s comfort in each word and phrase.

Bob strum

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