Sunday, November 1, 2015


Dewey Dirks


If ever you have been
To the desolate streets of crazy town
Or if your mate in life
Has ever passed through there
If you've ever known
The long and dark storms of shell shock
Or fought off a massive
Dirty, white crack gorilla on your back
If you've lost your soul mate
Or a tender, sweet child
To the moving sands of time
You have been through
Some of the worst storms
That wander the Earth Mother
And if you look at where
There are the deepest scars
You'll see that out of them
A light softly now shines
There you'll find as much strength
As you'll ever be needing

My friend, you've been to where
The shit is piled up in drifts
Thirty feet high
Rest easy at most everything else
Life sends your way
They are but rolling hills
Compared to the ragged
And lonely, gray peaks
You've had the occasion
To once have climbed

Dewey Dirks copyright 2015

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