Sunday, November 1, 2015


Vladimir Petrosanec


Poetry, my heart composed for you.
Words of love and each one true.
Confessions of the way I feel -
To You - all this, I did reveal.

No malice said or tendered there
Each word chose with loving care.
What's this I see - some kind of ploy ?
I know those tears - but - not through joy.

Guilt was never mentioned there
But I, do remember that I wrote somewhere-
Forgive me then - if I should err
If I make your heart begin to stir.

Extinguished - is your love,you said
No longer present - forever dead !
So - why the tears that filled your eyes
Why the pain and why the lies ?

I said my piece - tried all I know
I love you dearly - babe please don't go !
Freedom is the word you used
The right to live the right to choose ~

Disappointment, rejection, mind numbing pain.
I felt it all time and again.
Makes me glad to see the tears you shed
I reached your heart - through words you read.

Some day - I'll smile and think of you.
But - now all is lost and we are through.
For so long I waited - Hoped in vain
I'd be the one, you love again.

A fool for love ~
That much is true !
A little older - a little wiser
But - never again, a fool for you !

Vlado Magic ~
Vladimir Petrosanec -

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