Sunday, November 1, 2015




The sari's strange , unattended beauty
Betraying lightness in sweeping movements of wind
The golden threads of sunshine trying to hide without success
Giving the whole fabric richness of the ancient maharajah palace

Bright colors lifting spirits
Making the every woman in it looking as a queen
The elements of spiritual beliefs translated into
Translucent, luminous intrigue, ablaze with song of nature

The birds seems singing in delight
The flowers are blooming in the deeper hues
Female charms pronounced while the fabric draping over
Light whisper shushing in between the folds
Silk speaking in the tongues, expressing feelings
For the lack of words


Not for commanding head of John the Baptist
As prize to satisfy my ego's huge demands
The bloody outcome, measured by someone life
Not merit such a trifle as shaking hips before the greedy eyes

I'd dance for you
It pleasing me to know how much pleasure
The enjoyment you'll get by watching lovely movements
My body glistening with pearly drops of sweaty jewels
Very little cloth to show supple skin brazen assurance
To make you shake in the desirous temptation

My dance is form of mating ritual
The silent invitation to join me later in the bedroom
Continuing the music in between the ribs of bed
I do not talk , the hands, flying in the sky
The eyes flashing the lightening proclamation
The stomach belly dancing the desire
I think you ready now , untie your chilly demeanor
Joining in dance without name
Who needs a name when feelings speaking


You made me love you
The charming imp sprang from eyes
Preparing to unleash the magic tricks
To further deepens my infatuation
The strings on heart , tied in tight knot
Untethered, letting the energy unencumbered to pass
From mine unquiet soul to your awaiting one

No,you did not make me love you
That not right expression to describe
More likely it was written in the ancient annals
That we would meet someday not separating ever since
I loved you long before the calendar assigned date
What bounded to happen happened in lightening moment
Surprising both of us with speed of such occasion deed
Surprise for mortal beings , not for the spirits floating around

Margaret Gudkov

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