Sunday, November 1, 2015


Donna woods


Walking on this road alone
Just me myself and I
No one to hold my hand
Or comfort me when I cry
My tired legs are aching
Not sure I can carry on
I need to find a purpose
But I feel like I don't belong
Everyone seems so happy
But yet I am dying inside
No one to share my thoughts
And no one to be my guide
This journey feels so lonely
Only myself to ask advice
But I don't have the answers
So I always have to think twice
Memories still haunt me
Some I can just never forget
I am filled with deep emotions
And I live with such regret
The mistakes that I made
And the things I didn't say
Are still a constant reminder
And I live with it every day
Tomorrow wont be easy
Yesterday was painful too
But with each passing day
I realise just what I have to do
I have to learn to live again
And I have to hold back fear
I have to learn how to be alone
But still let people get near
Every day I will grow stronger
And I wont give into defeat
I may have been knocked down
But I'll get back on my feet
I'll leave the regrets behind me
And treat them as lessons instead
I wont bother looking back
I will only keep looking ahead

© Donna Woods 2015

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