Thursday, June 1, 2017



( Day and Night )

bedazzled by the yellow ignition of souls
captivating each lines with bursting rhythmic of scarlet red
sprinkled with freshness of green melodic desires
awakening touch of the Sunkist sky
embark in goodness of daybreak!

as the wave of time sparkle bright
it leads to serene dusky site
echoing audible breath of timid wind
emancipating the enchanting mind
bursting in intensity of fire !

(c) lovimiamarie 4/5/2017


as i walk to the slippery aisle of nowhere
i am envelop with the fear of downfall
still, i move forward with small steps of hope
aware of being a prey for predators greed
a pawn that struggles to survive in the end
inside the jungle maze of power and deceit !

(c) lovimiamarie 5/12/2017


tiger purr inside the cage
awaits for the perfect time of the day
thinking how to devour his future prey
alas! the tamer comes
poor tiger becomes kitty in the end...
no more prey to devour
only a tamer to love and hug !


Based in San Jose  Antique, Philippines , I'm largely a beginner painter. I am an author of a poetry art book titled “ Lovi Blooms “ under Wildfire Publications,  where I showcased my talent in painting using water color and sometimes mix media. My artwork is mainly abstract and art in childlike manner style. I do love playing with colors which makes my pieces more interesting though it looks like merely a child’s work. I do believe in the depth of work and how it will connect with the viewers…..I am completely captivated by wonderful words of poetry. It is my inspiration for my pieces. The people and environment I see in every day walks of life has been a great inspiration too. My imagination and love for poetry plays the main role in creating my art pieces. Paintings are like weave of words that can melt people’s heart! I am “  Lovi “  a poetess/author and an aspirant artist who knocks to your hearts for you to feel  every colors..lines…and images  in every depth of strokes she has in every pieces  that  it tells a story . A story that a viewer can also create and explore.

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