Thursday, June 1, 2017



to A.B.

I can’t imagine
Your hands
they stroke slowly
beginning from the wrist
up the arm to the neck and lips
and downwards
across the hips and thighs
all the way to the feet
I can’t imagine
Your hands
I must have them on me


they were startled
a woman and she was standing still
when doctors said
“nothing could be done”
they were startled
when not a single drop
the coffin
they were startled
she simply packed
his things
as if she did it every day
they could not see
when she entered the kitchen
she cried bitter tears
on a green-topped table
a bill
for him forever


yes, for the first time I’m alone here
I don’t know if I find a way to all the places
or get off a bus where I should
legs remember better than head
the post office - here we found a shelter from the rain
this road leads to the Vistula
there we were at the Film Festival
further up there should be Sadowa street
and on the left the cafeteria “Kwadrans”
we ate pancakes there after early morning shows
on the right the restaurant “Widok”
the best dinners and suppers
front yard, cellar door, back yard
and again a bus station and a post office
to the left a town market and two steps earlier the best waffles
a grocery store and cream rolls
and… a well (my darling - I miss you, don’t you?)
souvenirs, souvenirs, souvenirs
don’t break your legs entering a church
postcards – I always bought them on the left side of Lubelska street
I like collecting cards
I write a date on each and know everything
a garden, a garden, a garden
roosters, paintings, oh!
this is here where Łazorek used to sit
his “Umbrellas”, “Plebanka Street” and “A House on the Hill”
[hang on the wall in our living room
I miss him now
a jump to the Small Market
the film shows were here, too
the best wicker baskets (besides Rudnik)
and pictures of Kazimierz - I have two of them
a small bridge over a moat (my childhood fascination)
and suddenly I am on the exit road to Czerniawy
I still have to stop by “Mandaryn”
and go back to Vistula boulevards

AGATA LINEK comes from Stalowa Wola. A poet, prose writer, animator of culture, editor of volumes, reviewer of poetry, drama critic, copywriter, Carer of the Poetry at Artefakty Literary Portal. A holder of four degrees at the Jagiellonian University, where she is currently writing her PhD dissertation. A member of the Literary Group „Phoenix”, the Literary Association „Witryna”, the Polish Authors Association and Association of Polish Writers. She has won numerous national and international poetry and prose competitions. She made her debut in 2002. She published in local and nationwide, poetic anthologies and in USA, India, Australia, Slovakia, Ukraine. Her poems were translated into Slovak, English and Russian. They were also presented in the Polish Radio. She published four poetry collections: „Are You an Elf?” (2006, the Award of Rzeszów Association of Polish Writers for Podkarpackie Province Debut), „Laugh of a Night Butterfly” (2010), „Singing of a Dolphin” (2012, nominated to „Gałązka Sosny” Stalowa Wola City Literary Award) and “Whisper of a Puma” (2015, Polish-English version, “Gałązka Sosny” Stalowa Wola City Literary Award, nominated to „Gold Rose” Literary Award and to „Orpheus 2016” K.I. Galczynski’s Poetry Award). She is interested in film and music. She dreams of a trip to Australia. Her country of origin: Poland mother language: Polish nationality: Polish : place of living: Poland.

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