Thursday, June 1, 2017



Don’t numb my Soul with the wood of your resistance
For all matter breathes. Open your quiescent lungs
To memories of how even molecules have moments of
Crystal bleed, and Ungurahui trees of the Rain Forest grieve.

Take my hand, though it be only a hologram this illusion
Maintains to feel solidity and thus union in an existence
Beyond 3-D that your own conscious level may or may
Not conceive much less believe.

See? Here’s a door. Imagine passing through though your
Flesh and bones still remains on this other side.
It’s your thoughts that penetrate and separate atoms
That once blocked entrances to openings you could
Not envision with mortal eyes beyond those
Four walls or beneath that hardwood floor.

Do not paralyze me with indifference
Knowledge dissolves all ignorance.

Curiosity should be your ravenous driving force
Not limitations full to capacity. You must continuously
And consistently feed the beast without debilitating
Saturnine reluctance leading your thirst to insatiable disparity.

Forget your singularity!

You are parallel-virtuoso in a myriad array of prism-quantum shades
More multi-faceted than your idealism of black on white
With its oblivious canvas naked and stumbling in blind disarray.

You are remarkable!
A Rembrandt Masterpiece, a Picasso . . . Van Gogh . . .
A God Particle ~ ~

Your karmic highway glitters gold outside a jealous Sun
An interwoven, effervescent web of endless possibilities
Problematic solutions yet to be chosen laid out like maps of
The Nazca Lines of Peru, awaiting the free will of your
Resolutions which shall in turn be cause and effect towards
Your Spiritual Journey’s road-trip evolutions.

Weep no more, my friend, for the departed vehicle I resided in.
It was temporary housing/real estate to contain this ethereal
Energy that is Me, now dissolved back inside ether-divine light,
Swallowed in the gentle bowels of the ex nihilo of Eternity . . .!!!

When we meet and do this all over again, I beg you to remember,
Above all else, this ONE thing:

In this physical world or any worlds, in all its copious stages of
Unravel and dovetail, reflex and unyielding, inertia and deluge,
Mass exodus and influx, there is one thing, just one thing, ever

Not your equations, your theorems, dogmas or
Institutions of refined scientific or mathematical

It’s something that cannot be dissected or microscopically detected.
It’s its own vibration, its own unique unrivaled manifestation of
Perfection; books merely tip the iceberg of its correlated summation;

Remember, that it is LOVE.
Copyright © Susan Joyner-Stumpf


No, we lose that precious luster
The cold-faceted shimmering glitter
That equals the rhinestones of dead-pearl

For we know,
We know,

We could possibly return to the ebony coal
Of our sunken roots.

We only wrap around each other’s fingers for
So long, shoring off the stonewalls of our fragile

Keeping rhythm with pay-on-installment lust-falls
Or paid-in-full commitments that last as long as it
Takes to blink one half of a lazy eye.

Is there enough funds in the account to keep the
Armament of trust from bleeding out the jugular
. . . all that fire wasted symbolizing secure love!!
We hope passion sustains while boredom reluctantly
Retreats, sauntering off ~
A crippled shadow in the cheated night
Spewing bitter remains
Slithering back to the clandestine coal mines
Of damaged youth.

Are we bling and gemstones
Promising brilliance
And color

Begging imagination despite the gifted strokes
Of the Devil’s Brush?

No illusion
A real moon circling the birth of a brand new
Planet, but alas!!!
Rendered stillborn ~

Cosmically dropped from the empty womb of its
Severed axis to join the slow parade of other stardust
In the wake of their shocked demise.
Yes, we regain that satin glow
In footprints leading up to the welcoming Divine;

Eternally wrapped now around Heaven’s gilded fingers
Memories humanely erased of our once innate
Uncertainties of self-worth and grace buried in antiquity

Before we rose above those labyrinths of dusty caves
And claimed our Lazarus Legacy.

Our spirts are the presolar grains
That made it here
Tiny gemstones . . .


Beneath the proud breath
Of God.
Copyright © Susan Joyner-Stumpf


I have a long way to go in my Soul shoes
They are worn, tattered from this mortal life
My eyes strive to see beyond the veil
Flesh is awakened as is my Subconscious.
Then why do I still feel so encased in silence
While outside, the wild north winds of change
Forever blows?
I can sense the Shift; the axis weeps as it waves
Goodbye to Saturn’s Rings. The stratosphere is
Stretched to limits it cannot fathom to raise the
Vibrations of those on Earth who must awaken
From amnesia to nudge at the core of psychic
Once we were glued to brainwashed beliefs
That squashed our hungers to unravel unorthodox unknowns;
Rise now above the dust that signified your dis-enlightened bones!
Peer beyond molecular structures that once solidified your
Conceptual blindness and break free of dogmatic epitomes.
Drop your security blanket; your pacifiers, the masks you
Wore to hide all your idiosyncratic falsifiers.
Tune in to another frequency, turn up the amplifiers.
Why did you expect things to stay the same?
Growth is a necessary process ~ ~ so shed the old
Shic designer clothes and bureaucratic idioms.
Embrace the New Dawn of inevitable pain.
As I kick off the old shoes, my feet bury themselves
In the ether ~ yet I imagine an Ocean of dreams
And I feel firmly planted in those grains of sand,
For each granule, individually, is Eternal…!

Copyright ©

SUSAN JOYNER-STUMPF is originally from New Orleans, now call the Colorado Rockies her home with her husband and menagerie of animal friends.  She has been writing since the age of seven.  It started off as an escape mechanism for Susan, as she was suffering from Childhood abuse.  After a while, it became a passion, and after 35 published books and still going, and appearing in over 16 Anthologies, the rest is history. Susan Joyner-Stumpf has started her own Publishing Company called WILDFIRE PUBLICATIONS, having made her best friend in the world, Deborah Brooks Langford, as Vice-President and Marketing Director.  Together, Deb and Susan are also starting up thier own Live Radio Show called RHYTHM AND MUSE INTERVIEWS. Susan is considered a Free Verse, Abstract, Experimentalist, Stream-of-Consciousness Style Poet.  Though she also writes both Fiction and Non-Fiction Short Stories, Novels, Novellas, Prose, Journals, Memoirs and Songs, Susan is most focused as a Poet.  With a writing career spanning over 45 years, Susan has been quoted to say: “It’s been a life-long journey of pleasure and pain into that great Unknown.  I write to help myself and others heal.  I can only hope I’ve helped YOU find oneness too in this world of bits and pieces.”


  1. Your poetry is some of the best I ever read.. Your ink is golden.. no one an touch you dear Susan..

    1. Thank you Deb, I feel the same about you; so talented. You are an inspiration in every sense of the world.

  2. Susans poems are beautiful alwAys
    Her style is different from others
    All the best

    1. Thank you so much Sarala, I appreciate your support.

  3. I enjoyed reading it! Susan really has the magical ink that can create a magic carpet ride to see how wonderful and colorful the world is.....

    xoxo :-) lovimiamarie

    1. Thank you Lovi, "lil sis." Love you. I love your work as well.

  4. Best of the best. Magical! Oustanding ink., always. Blessings