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Let’s begin with the good news. The total viewer-ship of Our Poetry Archive has crossed over the magical figure of 200000. I believe it would certainly give you immense joy, those of you who are associated with this monthly poetry journal for a long time. We are really proud of you, as it is only for you dear friends that OPA has became so popular among the poetry lovers around the world. We have another good news to announce! After the immense success of the Continental Special Editions of OPA and the popularity of the two previously published Anthologies, we are going to publish our third Anthology this year. This time we have decided to publish the “Anthology of Women Poets”.  So we are extending an open invitation to the poetess all over the world to participate in this Anthology of Women Poets.  All you have to do is, send us at least three of your best ever poetical creations and one of your current profile picture along with your short BIO written only in 3rd person narrative with the explicit confirmation of your permission to publish your copyrighted materials in Our Poetry Archive. Our email address is as usual: And The Last Date of submission is 20th June 2017.

Actually as an artist or poet or writer we have a legacy of our past which keeps alive in our present and becomes eternal in our future. This is the tradition of literary genius of which we are the torch bearer. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the individual talent only repeats itself in every age; on the contrary, individual talent illuminates the tradition in its unique personality and creative genius! The eternal expresses itself through this creative genius in every age. We in our limited capacity are trying to reflect this constant rediscovery of our individual talents in our relation to this literary tradition! All our efforts are aimed towards this goal.

 Yet I must admit, the purpose of poetry goes beyond this rediscovery of individual talents in relation to the literary traditions and heritage. Poetry is also the highway to bring every single human soul to the world humanity. Poetry is also the platform to air our voice of protest against all sorts of activities that offend the core sense of human civilization. We think it is also the moral responsibility of poets and writers alike to put their individual voice of protest, agony, pain and sufferings in words and lines in this time of political turbulence everywhere. Nobody is sure about who is the offender or protector. Now and then innocent peoples are dying in the most violent manner one could imagine. We have witnessed the massacres in Syria, Manchester, Iraq, Afghanistan, Paris and elsewhere. There is no life security for the citizens around the world. People have lost beliefs in the honesty and integrity of the society and political institutions alike. You don’t know where to turn up for shelter and security. You don’t know when the next suicidal terrorist attack will occur and where or the missiles will strike or the war planes will drop tons of arsenals. Such is the situation in most of the regions of the world. It seems, this is not the right time of literary activity or poetical creations. No, on the contrary we believe it strongly it is also the responsibility of the literary fraternity around the world to mobilize their resources and creativities to bring the world consensus against this war politics of the superpowers which is the root cause of war and terrorism around the world. We the sensible people of the world, poets and writers alike should try to change the order of the day through our creative endeavors only to save the world and humanity. This is everyone’s moral responsibility. We at Our Poetry Archive do exercise this belief in works. 

Poetry is also a means to transcend our personal visionary limitations to reach the cultural extensions of our traditions and inheritance in this ever changing world. Poetry also constantly propels us towards the future. And a literary magazine or specially a poetical journal has much to offer to ensure communication between the poet and the readers evolving through traditions and cultural inheritance. So we would constantly keep on trying to establish these live communications, and only to ensure this, like the previous numbers, this month we are presenting poet Michael Lee Johnson of USA as the Poet Of The Month. Readers will find an interview of the poet taken by our editorial team supervised by poetess Deborah Langford and poetess Stacia Reynolds.  We are really grateful to the poet for the interview and hope our readers will also enjoy both his poems and interview.

Those who would like to participate in our upcoming editions, please send at least three poems and a profile picture, along with your explicit permission for publication in OPA well before the 21st of every month. You can also add one short Biography written in the 3rd person narrative along with the submission. With this note I would like to invite you all to this collection of poems of the World Poets. I would also like to convey our gratitude to all the poets who have participated in this number with their literary brilliance, on behalf of the entire editorial desk of OPA.

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