Thursday, June 1, 2017




The soft warm breeze
Quietly rippled a wave
While we moved
On the Amazon
Full of life
Swollen banks
Thick with growth
As far as the eye could see
And beyond
The river swiftly
Moved us along
A beautiful Toucan
Stood stoically
Above its
Tree perch
Calling loudly
Warning others
That we were near
Green, green ever flowed
Tall trees, shrubs
And grasses swayed
Dead wood
Drifted slow
The sun rays
Filtered through
The thick marshy brush
Bungalows on stilts hung low
In the water
Children played on the bank
While women washed clothes
On stone riverbeds
Laundry dried in Sunshine
Numerous small boats
Came and went
Up and down the river
It was
An enchanted forest
Images of plants, trees
And grasses I’d never seen
Reflected on
The water’s
Luminous surface
Like a mirror
Exposing its beauty
The hands
Of time stood still
In ghostly images
That peered
At rivers edge
Inviting all to enter
Its domain
The sky of blue
Above us colored
The mood softly
White puffy clouds
Like dreams
Of Heaven
Silenced our voices
To listen to the
Sound of birds
Flapping their wings
In flight
And Water fowl
Diving for fish
Their chirps
And songs
While we delved
Deep into
The womb
Of Mother Earth
I was without words
At its magnificent presence
And it’s significance
The Amazon
Our planetary lungs
Providing Oxygen
To every living thing
On God’s green Earth
God’s hand, I felt so close
I feel HIM each time
I breathe
Praying that we never
Forget that the Amazon
Is our life blood
Should it cease to exist
So will we,
Cease to be
© Juanita Garcia Vera
May 25, 2015


Poetry is everything
That sways with thought,
 Emotions or actions
Inanimate things
That lie by the road
The sand, the rocks
The mountains and trees
The birds and the bees
The river ever flowing
The ocean vast and Blue
The gray Wintry hues
The Spring  evergreen
Laughing blooms
Dancing at noon
The smell of Jasmin
Scent my dreams
All these things are verses
Like clay
On the Potter’s Wheel
It turns and turns
In the mind and hand
A constant melody
In the hands of a poet
HE is the Master Poet
Everything   exists
Through HIM,
Sunbeams dancing
In the light of Hope
Yesterday’s yearning clouds
Flying high in the wind
The light of dreams
Love won and lost
The ebb and flow
Of the endless Sea
The embrace of shore
All these are
Written just for you
To savor at each turn
Somnolent shadows
Follow, haunting, urging,
Calling me
To bleed
On innocence of
The White dotted sky
The Red rage erupts
Like a volatile stream
Blue sadness flowing
To the dead spaces
Choking yet, not filling
The emptiness
That lies within
Salty tears filling seas
Yellow hope
Blooming boundlessly
In endless Sunshine
Mourning Doves
Scratching the wounds
Opening bleeders
For Vultures to feed
The mind an ever flow
Of emotions and thoughts
Inspired am I
At sunrise
To the pulsing Red hue
Of dawn
To the song of birds
Serenading me
Am moved
By the flutter
Of the wings of Butterflies
Making slight breeze
Verses of joy
Or lamenting wail
The patter of little feet
Imprinted in sand
That disappear  in spiraling breeze
To leave no traces
But in my Soul
My heart is
The tick tock of the clock
Until the time is done
I am rejoicing 
The best is yet to come
© Juanita Garcia Vera
All Rights Reserved JGV 2016


I’ve pulled from the closet
Most beautiful linens
Have taken from cupboard
The porcelain and crystal
Got out from the dresser
The finest perfume
The laciest dresses
That hang from the loom
I’ve uncovered my tables
And opened all windows
Airing my rooms
Am cleaning my windows
So the light shines so bright
Removing all doubt
From the corners of life
A web I had spun
To hide and keep covered
All the nice things I own
Today, I am sharing
All the things
I’ve kept hidden
For that special occasion
That looms in the yarn
I’m dotting
Spraying fragrant perfume
To remind me of visions
Of the springtime in bloom
When we ran in the meadows
And we danced with the Moon
When we ran on the beaches
Playing tag with the fishes
And the days
They just drifted
Like a boat without oars
We made all our wishes
By light of bright stardust
And we lived ever shinning
Like the Sunrays at dawn
Today, I am sharing
All the beautiful things
With the most precious people
That  make my life Heaven
They are the stars in the sky
That  make my heartbeat
The most beautiful stardust
That makes my soul sing
The most beautiful people
I have never possessed
They are,  but on loan
From the LORD
I have vested my Life
My Heart and my Soul
On the daily occasion
Giving thanks to my LORD
All Rights Reserved …JGV 2016

JUANITA GARCIA VERA was born in Driscol, Texas a small farming community in South Texas. In 1960 her mother died leaving an eleven year old Juanita to help raise five siblings. It was during those formative years that ignited a need to care for the sick.  One summer proved pivotal when  She had to care for all her siblings who came down with Chicken Pox and Measles.  Her younger brother also contracted the Mumps and  Meningitis. He was gravely ill and was hospitalized for three months and almost lost his life.  It was during this difficult time that she decided to become a nurse. After graduating from high school, she went to nursing school where she received a License for Vocational Nursing. While working full time, she raised four children and earned a Registered Nursing Degree. She Was a nurse for over forty years and has worked in several hospitals in Houston, Texas.She is now retired. Nursing is a calling she holds dear to her heart, her passion is writing Poetry. She began writing as a child but, after the murder of her son Abel, her writing style became grounded on spiritual awareness and Faith.  She credits her husband and children for saving her sanity and life.  Thanks God for the opportunity of Being. Life Philosophy:  Each moment is like a beautiful lightning Firefly, gone in a whisper into the dark night emitting life's light... J.G.V.

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