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I am an old soul evolving
Caught up in a spiral
Lounging unto space
Twisting and turning
But always going up
The Universe is my home
My sanctuary is a mystic castle
Way up in the Heavens
From a poor wretch as my roots
I faded into the Moonlight
Been in the company of Wolves
And crossed paths with a Hermit
Who taught me deeper truths
Which will take me to Eternity.

Once I was labeled as an outcast
But this didn’t hinder me
To discover my Real Destiny
Different from the conventional,
I marched on with my head held up high
Searched for the Light
Which will bring me peace and resurrection
Shifting, my soul is shifting
To another dimension
Unseen by the naked eye
Shifting, shifting to my Higher Self
Beauty I can see from the far distance
Enveloping my New World
With Hope and Bliss.
Author/Poet Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo
Copyright March 31, 2017
Conquer your Giant
In a world of chaos-
Conflicts arise left and right
Adversities challenge us each passing day
As we face our Goliaths.
Keep your head up high,
As angels lift you up
And cheer you as you fight your own battles.

Be an unbreakable soul in your own battle field,
Step out of your comfort zone and reach for the stars
Don’t ever let your fears keep you at bay.
As you reach for your dreams, soar high!
Conquer you weaknesses
Never make room for brokenness to overwhelm you
Don’t ever surrender my dear friend,
For it’s just the beginning of the fulfillment of the Promise
Of the Divine that one day there would be no sorrow
No strife, no challenges to face
Be courageous little one and prove to them how mighty you are!
Author/Poet Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo


Existence of humankind came to be in the garden of Eden
Lush greeneries abound as the Almighty created a bountiful haven
From darkness, He illuminated the Earth with fruit-bearing trees for his special creations
There was no famine nor lack of natural resources to be able to live a decent life here in this world
The Tree of Life in the middle of Adam and Eve’s heaven, the Eternal Source of youth and innocence.

Trees are our friends, the ones who will stood by us during floods and hunger
Can you see now the devastation of the mountain ranges and of barren forests and jungles?
Oh, won’t you take me back to the age of Genesis when there is still Eternal Life and bliss
Take me back to the time when hugging a tree puts your soul in peaceful serenity
Yes, I wish to get back in time when everywhere I lay my eyes on around me, lovely trees enliven my weary soul.

April 6, 2016

ELIZABETH ESGUERRA CASTILLO is a multi-awarded and internationally-published author and poet from the Philippines. She has published 2 international books, “Seasons of Emotions” (UK) and “Inner Reflections of the Muse” (USA) and a co-author to more than 60 international anthologies in the USA, Canada, UK, India, Romania, and Africa. Her works were also published in various international literary magazines and web sites. Elizabeth is a member of PEN International and American Authors Association (AAA). Country of origin: Philippines Place of Living: Manila, Philippines Mother Language: Filipino Nationality: Filipino

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