Sunday, March 1, 2020



You Are A Bird Of Spring

You are a bird of spring

You have a voice so sweet

You live with beautiful flowers

With soft songs to the morning you greet

You are a bird of spring

You got nice colored wings

Soaked with fragrance of buds

From the leafy branches you merrily swing

You are a bird of spring

You make a cute tiny nest

You fly across dales and plains

And return in the evening to take some rest

You are a bird of spring

With a heart bigger than the sky

Without anger and hatred you drop

Verses of love across the world when you fly

You are a bird of spring

Alas! Life of spring is too short

Your wings got scalded in summer

In your nest you fall silent getting deeply hurt

Who Will Be There For Me?

When the sun will go down

In my life and there will be

Darkness ahead on my way

Who will be there to lift me

Up and come to dance and play

When light will fade away

In my eyes and voice will go

Feeble inside me as I sing

Who will be there to play

Music and into my life joy bring

When the moon will forget

My friendship and with stars

Merrily walk across the sky

Who will come to take me

Out to see its beam before I die

When the wind will not

Come to me and with its soft

Touch won’t play with my hair

Who will shed tear watching

My body burning in the funeral pyre


And I would kiss her

In the morn when the

First light of the sun

Touches the floor,

Of the room through

The window and the

Music of the wind as

It blows through the

Foliage makes our

Hearst skyward soar.

And I would kiss her

As she wakes up and

Sits in the bed and yawns

And gives me a smile,

And a bird drops by

To stare at us and chirps

At our shamelessness

And flies away shaking

Its tiny head for while.


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