Sunday, March 1, 2020




I am forgetful nowadays..
Deadlines and names
Skip my mind
I even fail to call to mind
The lyrics
Of my favourite song
Of my teen years

There are times
I stood blankly there
In front of the open fridge
Trying to remember
What on earth
I wanted to retrieve!
I can’t do without,
Anymore, Post-its
And reminders on mobile..

Sometimes, I really wish
I would be lucky to forget
That smouldering ache
And those fierce pangs
And twirling tornadoes
You left in my heart..
I wish!


Our cup was full and brimming
With the pure, sweet nectar
Naive, innocence of youth
Zestful days..
We were on the delightful trail
To discover each other..
Our world. Our destiny..
Together with verve.

Do you remember the night
When the serene hilltops
And the tranquil village
Donned the raiment
Of shine and shimmer
Of lamps and lanterns?

With the bright spectacle
Roof-deck tempted us..
In a whim of a moment
Like kids, we clambered.

How bright was the veil
Of star-spangled sky
In all its bridal finery!!
And the fireworks set forth
A pageant of iridescence
In the night sky..
Oblivious of soreness
Of our scraped arms
We gazed and gazed
Huddled together so close
Till the lustre of those lights
Converged in our eyes..

We listened to the soft whisper
Of our breaths, together
Our hearts beating in sync
With the early winter wind..
Letting the waves of bliss
Engulf the frail canoe of our senses...

Over the years,
The once verdant hills
Stripped of green
And the sky, shrunken,
With high rises abound..
These October nights
Still, the magic remains palpable
Like a quivering dewdrop..

Yet, doubts mar my zeal.
What if, our sinews turn weary?
What if, our eyes fail
To capture the glorious glimmer
Of those brilliant lights?..

Around The Destiny

Its a full moon day
An old banyan tree
Tall, dignified
Curtain of brown roots
Swaying gently
Moving around it,
Women in silky splendour
Nose rings shimmering,
Flaunting the carmine glow
Along the parting of their hair..

Legend of a wife
Epitome of love and devotion,
Who dared to challenge
The God of Death himself!

Here, a village girl
Simple, petite
Fasting for her spouse
To be hale and hearty..
She winds the thread
Around the strong trunk
Seven times
Which pales in comparison
With the thousand strings
That bind her soul
Tightening, searing..

She throws flowers from a platter
During the 'pradakshina'
She, whose nights reek of
Country liquor and vomit
And stinker expletives..
On her body scream
Marks of tyranny
While she keeps on winding the thread..
She, who is bullied, bruised
Violated and vanquished.
Round and round she treads
Around her unforgiving destiny!


SINDHU SOOSAN VARGHESE is a homemaker who lives in Pune. She writes poetry both in English and Malayalam. She is an Agricultural Science graduate with an MBA and also holds a graduate degree in English Literature. She has published a poetry collection in Malayalam '(vaakku pookkunna yamangal’) and her poems have been published in periodicals and online portals regularly. Her poems have been included in international anthologies too. Her favourite themes include love, feminine sensitivity, girl child and social issues.

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