Friday, May 1, 2015




In a land all but forgotten in time
She walks amongst the hallowed halls
The last of an honorable breed
Such bravery and joy her mind recalls

Almost as if the spirits danced
Right there by her lonely side
she hears echoes of forgotten voices
Their dreams so long denied

She wonders will they see her still
And walk with her through this dark night
Do they know that the new days dawn
Will see the completion of her endless fight

It took years of searching and loss
To finally find the one true key
That could break the evil wizards curse
And set the souls of her ancestors free

Can they see the strength she wears
As though it were a peaceful mask
Her heart trembles with the knowledge
And she prays that she is up to this task

Forever had she dwelt there
In that realm of darkest night
And only then through the dragon's song
Did they finally find their way to light

Bound to her forever in freedom's grace
He waits quietly in the misty twilight
Tonight their powers will blend again
And show the darkness loves true might

He sings softly to her silent form
He knows her struggle to right the wrongs
he knows the weariness she feels deep inside
All that she loved has long since gone

But he knows the strength she carries
He knows he cannot go astray
Redemption's price will be paid at last
When the sun rises on this fateful day

He sees the play of light and shadow
Across her moonlit face
She doesn't even see her own glory
The last lady of a long dead race

Together locked in love's truest bond
They will face the raging storm of evils might
the dragon and the enchantress
Whose song will ever give love's wings flight

See them there in the light of heavens grace
They have proven the magic of a love that's strong
And they will walk forever through time and space
Lost in the freedom of their heart's song-Jk

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