Monday, June 1, 2015



I feel dizzy looking at your eyes! I love them. They are containing me and you are contained in mine... Tan lamps that radiate love and beauty. They invite me in,  they  invite the world, sanctuaries of magic forces to serve Eros, who's not afraid to be a savior. Any  soul I look, through them, is healed.

Blessed the love in us ... It is generously felt  in ecstasy  every day. I wear  gleaming gold baubles and bangles, beads and coins, the ring with the red ruby of our passion. I hang your black rosary of the twinkling night's stars on my hand, I start a charming belly dance . I dance for you, sun of midday, you are traveling me with our love!

First I stand bathed  in your spokes with my hands upraised to the sky. I pump redemptive  energy from the edges of your humid lochs. To pass it  as brand new  golden love on the world.

You make me a better woman, even when I meet you only with my imagination.

You first see me when you open your eyes to the morning light. Keep your eyes open, your heart thirsts overwhelmed with healing. Accept the gift of love which purls through all your members.

Look at your hands! At these hands, the hands I love, at their every tiny detail. Warm them from all sides. Feel that all my tenderness left me and came to embrace your hands. Then it begins to be infused  like balm  in every of your  members,   in the neck, in your ears, in your elbows,in  your chest, even in your big, impressive toes.

Every inch of your body told me one thousand stories,sang me one thousand songs.

What is the need of pens and paper! If poetry can be what you touch, everything you feel, enough to be bewitched by the magic wand of passion. I do not need to know how to read or write! The whole world is an invisible paper to paint love which tends to meet its creator.

"Be well!". A phrase,  said out of politeness. Whisper it, listen to it from my lips day and night. If anyone hears me, smile, do not explain, just immerse yourself, absorb and breathe in courtesy to be sweetened.

Stay for a while longer, dear! Come on! Fondle tenderly  my thoughts, I need it! Do not think of what will occupy your attention and will be your responsibility all day. Wait! Hug me a bit more tightly, like I will too ... Do not say nothing, do not think for a moment ! A moment before I answer to the real world "Okay, okay, I'm coming ..."

You are everywhere with me! Nobody knew, but I came back to embrace you in the empty room and we were still there together eternally in love.

Darling!  I invent a new game every day, today I will think more about the words and will observe more the objects that also begin with the letter  S. which is the first letter of your name ...

When my mind wants to banish what tires me, what makes me sad, what upsets me, I close my eyes and contemplate your image. I dissipate whatever is negative in life,an angel, who has your face, throws away  everything  like ashes over the sea . I fly  with you and paint the world with colors that suit you. Like an Hindu dancer, I try to make drawings in the air of your tattoos, which are indelibly marked on your body with all the emotions they carry.

One of them is me. A yellow rose with petals  orange on the edge. On your left arm. I'm sure you see it all the time and smile. You caress it and kiss it, when nobody looks. When you do not have the courage to do it,  that's why I lent you my eyes to look through my own perspective once in a while. World is filled with yellow roses with tiny thorns to remind you that beauty wins and difficulties are prognosed to lose the game. My subconscious gift accompany you as a stamp on your body, look inside you!

I brought you yellow for optimism, to rejoice, to keep your spirit  always alive and vivid to dwell spiritually, to love life and to withstand  life ...

I brought you orange to do not forget to come and feel alive by enjoying nature. To struggle, to be independent and dative, a  loyal friend to anyone, who loves you.
You offer me black  all the time through your rosary. A mixture of all colors, you  ask me for prestige and dignity, me to stand unbending for your sake, you to be proud of me.  

I decided my luminous soul to be only yours, a star in your loneliness. To be fomented its splendor by you, to grow stronger, to be inexhaustible. To love you again, again and again with the rhythm which the beads of your rosary sing.

Ah! What a great force can have a small object, what direct effect to the soul, what courage it can give, when offered out of love!

I caress you by touching its beads or I hold your hand by wearing it on mine, whenever I need you. I smell it to retrace your smell.

Unite with me in this aura, dancing for you in front of me. Its song will save you.Throw away, my love,  what shook your confidence. Because my confidence also refuses to camp anywhere else, than on the edges of your soul.

We are bathed in red  by a sunset  full of excitement, of passion and of  promises for the coming morning.

Let's golden, golden, golden  be your day with all this happy festival, which I create to send you.

I sown flowers in ruby color in the garden of my heart to honor your name.I wear your ring and I dance in circle, I vibrate to vibrate the earth, whereon  I step decanting you courage, bravery and treatment.

Wear this moment, which I embellished for you!

When my desire becomes unbearable, the consolation is my only help. I imagine you in a thousand and one expressions of love. Choreographing every sense in its dance. In a sunny shore in the scent of pine and sea ... Your eyes come  again and your neck ... The colors ...
I come to  wrap you with  my desire, to make you feel my endless kisses ... To create a fragrant breeze you to inhale, you to be resurrected, to make me revive since our soul is the same.

Close your eyes to smell the aroma! Listen to my whispered spells...Let your  palm open for me to come and lick the bees's honey in there, sliding my tongue over it towards your lips to share with you the taste of thyme and mint ...

Let's shut our eyes for a moment and everything that divides us, disappears ... How exquisitely we feel together now that we have a house to shelter our souls! Stay a little longer ... Dance a passionate tango with me, feel the rhythm of our joined bodies, warmly, relaxed, leisurely, until we fall asleep laughing and weary,  entwined in our bed for as long as reality  fades  ...  

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