Monday, June 1, 2015


In the darkness of the night,
When the world is asleep tight,
Her cries muffled in pillows,
Her tears so full of grief and shadows,
Deep inside her heart,
She is slowly dying,
The pain too much to bear
Her self broken asunder.
She moans and groans
In childbirth-like pangs
For her dreams were laid to waste,
Her belief in miracles at stake.
O what is the use of living
She asked.
Will life ever changed,
Will I matter at last?
Will he stop his cheating heart?
Or curb his lying tongue
Lies are wonderful to one's ears
And gracious to one's heart
But when the truth is out
Oh how life departs.
The blowing wind and hissing rain
Lend a death march like beat
To her own weak heart beat.
Her heart was in her hand.
Placed in a stone coffin so grand
The funeral procession
Held in high fashion.
With a stick of cigarette as the spade
A glass of margarita was the soil instead.
She shouts, Is there no God in heaven?
Oh God why did you allow this?!
I thought he was the one...
But now I know not what will come...
Years passed and she watched
As he ate his own failings
Fast his mistress grew older and fat.
Her skin loosely falling
They were miserable creatures
Both blinded by stature
Ones who were wantonly greedy.
And she was filled with pity
For she knows that God has heard
The prayer she uttered.
Left no man unpunished
For another's dreams that he tarnished
And she knew even then
There is a God in heaven.

©DEMINA, 2015

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