Monday, June 1, 2015



Under my bed lies an old trunk
Conspicuously stashed away
Heavily guarded,
Hidden and well-protected,
Out of reach and depth
Of prying eyes. . .
Of wagging tongues
And indiscreet mouths
Outside the knowledge
And consciousness of others
As this old trunk
Is all that I possess.
Inside the trunk
Are my “ treasures”
More valuable than any
Other riches even of
Kings and emperors.
In here are secrets that I keep
The memories of my first kiss
Snatched and stolen
Sometime bitter, sometimes sweet.
In here is my handkerchief
Stained by blood and tears when
I had my first bite of the proverbial
Adam’s apple, realizing afterwards
That it wasn’t the apple that held
The appeal but the promise of love.

Under my bed is my old trunk
My comfort zone. . .my security blanket
Where I hide each time the bogey man
Makes his rounds for nocturnal visit.

Anlili Abijero aka Lilian Abijero
Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, Philippines


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