Monday, June 1, 2015



She calls it a flutterby
says it makes more sense than butterfly
a serious deep-thinking five
keeps my imagination alive

On a bright summers day
she wanted to know did cars wear sunblock
I told her yes and invisible umbrellas
she laughs at me incredulous

She’s growing day by day
sometimes I watch in dismay
her cute innocence I love
a gift sent from above

I hate that saying just started to smell herself
but thats exactly whats happening
no pretty way to say it
moodiness growing with her tits

She herself is turning into a butterfly
pretty makeup and jewelled wings
I watch as she flutters by
my conversation to her no longer sings

I miss that little girl
her finger giving my hair a swirl
I’m now the grumpy aul aunt
the only answer these days “sorry can’t”

She’s the niece I’ll always adore
the daughter I never had
my jealousy comes to the fore
as I see her hugging her dad

Its time for me to move on
to get a new obsession
she’s grown out of aunty Sue
today, right now, I feel so blue


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