Sunday, November 1, 2015


Annwesa Abhipsa Pani
Seem’s like I act;
But its you and only you
Who makes me direct.

Longing for the sight of your eyes
Waiting for the fragrance of even your sweat

I urge to remain in your arms
Sleep when you embrace.

Engraving your fascination
Is an Everest to climb.
Your very presence
Sanctifies your inner reality.

Your smile,that lances my heart
Your charm,.that soothes my soul
Your lips, that crimsons mine
Your sheer existence,that exhalts my eternity.

Loving you is like,
A candicature of life.
Having you is like,
The procurement of my vitality.

You,the spontaneous
Essence of my soul
You ,the eternal
Stimulant to my goal.

You are the one,
Who makes me complete
You are the one,
who makes me feel loved.

Continue being my shine
Let’s leave our footprints on the sands of time..
Annwesa Abhipsa Pani

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