Wednesday, February 1, 2017




Wallet of the sky is full of clouds
Paranormal love with full of doubts
Desire to rip now and then the gain
Which is in fact a big bundle of pain

Stupid is goofy as does not count
Distance between valley and mount
Writer knows drama and the closing scene
Then splendour destroys the fabulous queen


Last night before going to bed I have recognized
A bowing cute face with tremendous tender arch
I have felt a dancing shadow with my private eye
On the space, it was hugging kissing caressing me

A ladylove gumshoe was playing with my solitude
And my stormy worship was blowing around that
It was making an incredible love with my shadow
And I get lost into the ejaculation of imagination

Today I am searching that silhouette around me
But alas! I can only hear the babbles in the space


Ornate illusion
Classified silhouette
On brain-yard— standing recall leg
Of mood

Charming flower in the morrow
Dancing shadow of the sorrow
Biting recall on the brain-yard
Loving you babe I am scarred


The bat didn’t match with the ball
Notch didn’t match with the notch
An unwanted bit entered into a byte

The conventional kite of longing
Has stumbled against the roof of the sky
And the reel laid down on the earth’s soil

As a catfish rapidly catches
And eats small fishes
I’ve thought that I’ve caught it precisely

But opening the palm now I see
No firefly is there but a weevil bug
That has suddenly flown away from the palm

And it has thrown away a severe skin disease


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