Wednesday, February 1, 2017



Let's go
Away from the madding crowd,
In a place where there are no noises loud.

Let's go,
Where the shining stars ,
Hug and kiss the ocean waves afar.

Let's go,
To the magical fairyland,
Where everything seems so beautiful and grand.

Let's go,
Hide away in a shell and lock it tight
So that no evil can harm with all its might.

Let's go,
To a place where only me and you,
Count the stars,when the night is blue.

Let's go,
And live once more
Being alive never seemed so awesome before.

I gather my dreams
Place dem under my pillow
Drift out of dis world
Sleep softens d rough edges
Awake wid a promise
Only if tommorow comes
December month chills nd
Memories spills
Its a silent night
Only d darkness is in sight
Magical Fantasy spins nd
I am Bewitched.

You said your favourite colour is blue
So I splashed all the colours on you
In the silent dark blue night,
When nothing comes in sight,
You slowly creep into my heart,
And wildly tear me apart.
Tightly embrace me in your strong arms,
And lure me by your charm.
I get entangled in your blue,
Now the only thing I want is you.

Slowly as the daylight peeps in with light and shine,
The clear blue sky make things look so fine.
I see my blue eyed boy,
Who gives me lot of joy.
With him and his jokes I can laugh out loud ,
And get rid of the dark blue cloud..
In those romantic hues of blue,
I have at last found my love so true.
When you wear that best blue smile,
I promise I can cross many more miles.