Wednesday, February 1, 2017




Subtle beasts
for the quiet revolution

Fossil-plated resolution
antiquates at an accelerated pace
in frenetic abscond from the oratory
femur of contention

The sky channels
a neanderthal's nausea with pale dawn
painting pranked moles into speakers' corners

Grand theft principle
enacted in a shuffle of pseudonyms
in the closet of the squad thesaurus
while the laws vandalized model martyrdom
for tomorrow's hindsight
like a dunce-hatted child at the front
of a classroom methodically plotting the erasure
of dictated predicates


Chain me to a parable
with sinews of plot
ambiguity and circumstance
Maybe cut the cables of
this broken down elevator
rigidly encasing my contracting
individuality for the occasion
Others are beginning to mistake
this expression for a uniform
To expired constitutions
I'm beginning to conform
Resolutions situate between
cosmetic and forlorn
Chain me to a parable
Lacerate the leathery chicanes of
recycled minutes harping on
the clockwork waves
of my addled but attuned
idiosyncratic routine
Chain me to a parable
before the poems start
to coagulate like an infantry
of revelations on the poet's solved
social rampart



It was the joker
in my deck of words
A throwaway tradition
for mature players
of immature games
No matter how deftly
I carved the context
my blade of churlish
cynicism never failed
to fall into a hollow center


The flag of my awareness
is emblazoned with the words
I know will never fail me
Words I pad my pocket with
to rob a store of morals
Words I fortify the front rank
of my conscience with
to prolong a lie procrastinating
from the rear of heartbroken
pawns of good intentions


A mirror is an unwelcome sight
in the vacuum of our closure-less existence
I ran robotically from the relentless
cackle of the joker till the robot
in my running learned to cry
The joker is a mirror that demands an eye
I've resolved to not go fishing
for emotions in a deck anymore
For the sake of us I now confide
in Big Blues to check the chess of our impasse


STEVEN FORTUNE was born and resides in Canada.  A graduate of Acadia University, he served as Editor-In-Chief of the campus arts magazine, and has since written and edited for several print and online publications.  His third collection of poems, Sentimental Drift, is due for release in January 2017.

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