Wednesday, February 1, 2017




When emotions dazzle
In flames of compassion
The whispers of heart go loud
Essences synchronize
In commencement of love
And breeze kiss by in melody

Words and eyes,
Both utter in rhythm
Splashing the wine of love
Sweeping across the dreary it springs up,
Carrying joy like a fountain in the air
Drenching the loving hearts

Musing over the power of its charm and it intensity
And drawing the strength of hope
Haywire goes reason and logic
When sweetness of love gets loose
Blessed are the ones who spend every moment
In its heavenly abode.
1/6/2016, Copyright: Jhimly

I fall in love, over and over again with “You”
As you live in me... Always
Unconditional it is for sure and true
My thoughts color you with change of season
When words shine like a fresh rose
And those dews
Of essences glitter like gems
With the morning mist enclosing in those lines
The lustrous texture and weave of words hymn
Giving them an intellectual look
I bask, as I read them with love,
Softly touching the core of my heart
And nothing can snatch it away from me
For it lives in me .... Always
And Can you guess who my “You” is?
6.12.2016, Copyright: Jhimly

What do you need for now? Is your life sorted? Asked her mirror.. "Nah! Least bit; but I believe in myself" . she answered ..

She had tons of loads over her head...
All her life all she did was to worry..
Did it get any better ?..
Nah! It got more entangled as she worried
Then she stopped worrying..
And took a look at her life..
She was miserable and unhappy.
And why?
She gave importance to what others said .
That’s what ruled her and so she implemented.
And errors after errors followed.
.She wasn't happy, nor could she make others happy,
no matter how much she tried..
All they fell trapped to faults and blunders
Every step was tripling down , every time she was weary
She tried hard to cover up. thinking she was the faulty one.
But she couldn't ..
Then one day, she stepped out and forward .
Stepped out of the boundary of being a shadow.
For being a shadow was not what she was meant to be.
What are you doing now? asked her mirror.
“Just chilling”.. she replied being cool .
“Doing exactly what I wanted to do”.
Are you happy now? It asked again
“Well I feel I have come to a place where I belong,
And YES! If Happiness means,
Finding my peace of mind among all the chaos,
Then I am Happy.
Though they try to make me believe, something else.
But I see their Life so very vividly ..
They point a finger for in mess they are
Trying desperately to sort out
and finding no way out they blame.. Me, or anyone.
To answer their pride and conscience
And now they see me Smile, they see me cascade in laughter..
How can I smile, how can I laugh in such a mess?. They ask”.
While they who flaunted about their wit ,
remained on the same place..
While She moved on,..
And she smiled.. for she can see better now.
Her belief, her outlook changed.
Her knowledge turned into wisdom.
The butterfly transformed into her new self now;
Since she fell in love with herself

14/7/2016, Copyright:

A name called Jhimly, more known as Jolly? To some, it might sound familiar, to some a Stranger. I am a person who is simply in love with the rhythm and flow of words as it expresses the emotions.. you or I bear. I am someone who can take your feelings and give them the words..For I feel, I empathize. I am, because you read... my lines... and relate to all the essences that arise within you. I am love, I am that unfall tear within you,. I am your Essence . I am, Poetry for you.  My Existence is only a representation of what you feel . You may call me a Poet if you feel? Well! Why not try n stop by and find it out as you take a look at my lines.

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