Wednesday, February 1, 2017




I missed the touch
I hardly felt
Cherish the moment
I never had
Long for the glances and smiles
I never looked at
Desperate for that love and emotion
So dearly conserved in her heart
Where I never peeped into and cared for

Days were worry some
Nights were colourless
But gone are those
For I am in love for the first time
And a truly meaningful life is ahead
What ever gone will never come back
To lament for it
Is to miss the present
Forget and forgive
For the tomorrow is all your's
copyright@smrutiranjan 21.5.2015


I search for it
In the lost paradise
In the solitary confinement of Taj
In the tears of Sahajahan
And in all
That is beautiful and scintillating
I search for it
in meadows and mountains
in poverty and affluence
in hopes and despair
It eludes my grasp
For it is a feeling
A feeling of completeness
One has after being
Completely becoming one's
Letting and forgetting the world around
A glimpse of it
One can have
After emptying oneself
When every beat of heart
Throbs for it
Every drop of blood
Flows for it
For the sake of it
One can live and die
For it is so fulfilling and enriching
Makes life a paradise on earth
To have it
One has to have
A pair of eyes
That only sees it
A loving heart
That only feels it
And a simple mind
That only reciprocates it.
Everyone relishes
But few have it
For platonic love
Is hardly realised


I love you
For you have in you
The sentiments and emotions of all
From a child in his teens
To an old guard
Looking at the world
Through a pair of coloured glasses
And repenting
Why you were not there
When he was
Yong and cheerful

l like you
For you have witnessed
Love and frustration
Agony and apathy
Emotions at extreme
Yet remained indifferent
Untouched by it

You are a good friend
For you never carry me away
And let me
Loose touch with reality
And a platform
To look at me
And the world around
With all dexterity

I love you
For you have in you
The beauties of the world
The thought of present
And the passion
Of yesteryear's

I like the way
You carried yourself
Over the years
Silently enduring
The sorrows and happiness
Unfolded on you
You remained within
But above it
And carried only some likes
And comments
Which are never your's

I do not know
If it is face book
On which I share views
Or it is the mirror
I daily look atight

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