Wednesday, February 1, 2017




I went out walking
Yesterday down
In blue bell wood
There I saw
A great carpet of blue
And the fragrance
Filled the air

There where great
Big oak trees with Acorns
Everywhere down in
Blue bell wood
With birds singing
And church bells ringing
I just couldn't ask for more

And as I sat there
In the summer sun
And contemplated
All I saw natures work
So good

I just wish you could
Have been there
Down in blue bell wood
Seen nature at its very best
Like everybody
By AndrewJones Copyrighted


Down in the trenches
Where fathers
Brothers and sons
All afraid and frightened
But ready with their guns

With little food
Or fresh water everything
Covered in mud
Puddles of muddy water
And pools of blood

Men shot maimed
And dying
So hard to comprehend
Brave men gave there all
Until their bitter end

We must never forget
For our freedom
They Died
That's why I am where I am
My poppy with
By AndrewJones Copyrighted


England my England
Steeped in much history
England my England
Long bows, arrows, oak trees

England my England
Where people stand in ore
Of our queen and country
Soldiers gave there, lives for

England our England
Such beauty to see
England, Scotland, and wales
Mountains, valleys, and sea

England our England
Our rose Died
England our England
Our nation, noted and cried

England my England
Surrounded by sea
England my England
The land of the free

 11/2016 copyrighted

Andrew Jones is from south Shropshire in England, A small village by the river Severn He loves to write poetry especially his home England.

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