Wednesday, February 1, 2017




Man’s act of inhumanity to
his fellow seems endless,
evil man keep pursuing from
sunrise to sunset,
“I shall make him cry”-
goal many people seek
all day long;
anguish and sorrow meals
man prepare and sell in market

War driven by profit,
rich creates and prosecutes,
market created diseases for
economic gain,
campaign items for politicians and
products scientists sell.

Weapons of terror,
business without conscience
keep producing,
swords of chaos,
merchants of death unceasingly
sell to armies on both sides.

Hate messages world religions
have changed to doctrines and
tenets to cause ethno-religious
xenophobic messages nations
now rebrand as patriotic call to
duty that creating tension among
citizens, residents, and

Racial superiority
multi-national media
continue to promote,
while politics and policies of
powerful nations gravitate
toward “We” and “Them.”

Every day innocent souls
turned orphans in the only
homelands they know, and
child-bearing-women become
widows through wars
never caused by them;
global economic meltdown-
handiwork of superclass-
continue to shrink humankind
economic power,
turning half of world’s  population
to mere slaves,
potential threat to homes and
danger to human security and
his tomorrow.

Who will save humankind?
Will politicians help?
Will world religions provide
Will big business allay the fear?
Only time will tell.



  1. I think it is the time for God mercy for his kingdom to come to the earth.

  2. How do I smuggle love across these border
    When mean looking men watch over the gates
    The flaming hate in their hearts inform my fear
    My large suitcase filled with love
    may just not pass through when searched
    My passport of affection allowed me thus far
    Now I have come to the valley of nothing is fair
    How do I smuggle this large dose of love
    to men who carry out executive orders
    with haste and sometimes late into the night
    They say the new king must be obeyed
    to the very letter of these new dis-orders
    (c). Kole Odutola