Sunday, July 1, 2018




When darkness conquers my soul; I feel helpless,

Only you enlighten me and give me the

Strength i need to move on,

Please I’m begging You, God, stay with me.

At every moment I love you!

I need your presence every passing hour;

In the rainy weather and in the shining sun,

therefore, O God, stay with me!

I am not afraid of anything, when your hand has blessed me;

Diseases have no weight, and the teardrop of bitterness becomes honey;

I triumph even death, if you stay with me.

At every moment I love you!

Sometimes You make me

Touch the sky with my hands!

It also shrinks the air

not to hear what people say,

and brings music to my ears

makes the present, forever on Universe, to shine ...

And when the pain cuts me to the core,

at the infinite repentance of the soul.

Erased after each envy or covetous blow

After every bitterness, every suffering,

You willingly give me relief.

So at any moment you are in my soul!

I feel your gaze, O God

And for nothing I complain, I know

The screams shall strike the sky;

And every shout will be torn in my throat.

Up to the last breathing.

Therefore O God,

Please, stay with me!

At every moment I love you!

I'm alive because You want

Because you love me, I kiss the fingers of rain,

To drink in my eyes the splendor of happiness

To catch the aromatic smell of life

To see you in the face of the sun

To laugh high above the head of skies.

I feel your soft hand on my forehead,

That fills me with pleasure:

So I only just humble you and follow you

Until the eternity!...


At the Birthplace, my youth cares casually

With my green crown stolen my eyes

In lilac flavor, where the guitar hangs on a lime

Heart sounds whispers like blue waves

Clouds stops when my Korça arrives.

Memories crumble in the soul crystals,

the twirling of birds that swirls in branches,

in spring leaves are transformed

On the edge of the river wear a tree.

Shakes the translucent walls of silence

On the rays that breathe the sun

Flowerbreath sows on the edge of the centuries

To flourish in the four seasons of the spirit at the sky.

That It should not suffocate my dream.

With the fingers of darkness, in the sky of storm I paddle

Come with a handful of water from yesterday

At the door of the soul with a spill of pain

the flowers of hope for the future I irrigate.

All the stars are closer than anywhere in my Korça,

I gather with punches the corners of the heavens up to the moon.

Lighting like lights of Christmas, surpasses the pearls of Topkapi,

with diamonds that crowned my daughter, women and mother.


When I am near to you, I am filled with energy

You walk into the lap of Budapest and Vienna light

goes beyond, your fate comes with elegance.

Confessions to you as silk of silk go through 10 states:

Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine.

Count the blessings it brings

for the vital race,

which is conceived as Energy

that you give me when you show your fate

who breathes and thinks.

Under the umbrella of blue sky,

that melts in blue

that pervades my whole being

it serves as a connection to all other energies:

Move the light that we have never seen

And light carries information,

Without hesitation vibrations accumulate

Through space constellation, it is stimulated

as the best destination,

for creating mental concentration,

that we do not do the complicated things wrong

Learn, because we do

We do not know how to talk to each other.

If we are calm

Then we will understand that we can really listen to each other

And then we will understand how to answer

Our only responsibility is love.

Jesus is the key

for our sufferings, that not this disaster,

So I dare to overthrow the Danube

Every disaster.

I wish for peace in eternity!

Do not you think that foolishness ?!

You can call what you want,

if you believe

Separated from this false reality

And you will see that

You will never be a victim of a disaster

for lack of understanding.

Because the spiritual bond has immortality

Regardless of your status or nationality

Nobody should dare to notice mistakes before God

We are all equal to Him.

In billions of galaxies

In the entirety of eternal happiness

Our only responsibility is love

So do not quit saying "I love you"

I will love you by the end of time ...


KOZETA ZAVALANI  was born in Korça - Albania, on March 8, 1958 and lives in Tirana. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Tirana in 1982 and in 1985, specialized in journalism.

She has worked in Albanian Public Television and now is Editor in Chief of the magazine "Season for Change" of the "Family and Media - Power for Change" association, which she leads. She has been part of several training courses in the literary, publicity, Human Rights and Leadership.

Awards -"Ambassador for Peace" and "Women of the World - 2007” won "Special Award" for literary creativity with a high artistic level, bringing the value of outstanding and sustainable in the field of poetry. “Olympus Poetry Prize – “Demeter”, "Honorary Diploma of the 1 st Mediterranean Poetry Festival" and "Certificate of Merit", Larissa, Greece, 22-World Congress of Poets. In the Poetic Manifestation in Kosovo in June 2016 and May 2018, she won the First Prize of Poetry.

Literary works: She was author in the volumes 1 and 2 of the book "Gra që më kanë frymëzuar" in Albanian and "Women who have inspired me” in English. In 2005 she published the volume "Halfworld" in English. In 2007 the volume "Gjysmëbota" in Albanian, as well as the bulletin "Human Rights". In 2010 was launched the volume of poetry "Migrator". In 2012 she published volume of poetry "Soul gate" translated into seven languages, English, Italian, Macedonian, Romanian, Turkish and Greek. In 2014 she published novel “Ankthi” and “ Frymemarrje Femerore”. In 2015 Poetry Book “Women”. "90+" novel - GLA Publishing House, Tirana, March 2018. Participating in many TV shows for the media of increasing women participation in political and social life.

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