Sunday, July 1, 2018



YOU ...

I lay awake throughout night
covering my face to avoid you in my waking hours
You haunt me every time
The echo of your laughter
Pierces my soul
My sleep eludes me every night,  trying to catch you in person and whisper my love
But you are mysterious and
Elusive and I am getting
Imprisoned in my thoughts
of you day n night
I can hear your laughter so clear and vivid without you by my side
I know your fears well
If you come near me you are never going to leave me for life time, and you want to be a wanderer in the world of love not just me alone !
I let go of you from my life
Let me start afresh for all I care !
Sarala Balachandran


I used to dream of you day and night
Looking at the sun and moon
I know you are far away
Where I cannot reach

My body cannot touch you
But my soul is one with you
Oh my love
Be mine tonight when the moon is waning away and the stars are
hiding tonight

Why dont we float in the moving cloud where no one will see our romance
As you are a shy soul

Be mine for just today
Be mine for just tonight
Be mine when the flowers bloom
Be mine for time eternal
(C) Sarala Balachandran


I crossed over seven seas
To be with you, my love
The only person enchanted
My sublime soul
You carried away my whole self
With my loving soul
In your magical ways
Of drawing people close to you
I got stuck with you
Forever and beyond
My heart yearns to meet you
In that far away meadow
Where we first met
In the month of April
When flowers bloomed in full
But you went away leaving me
to an unreachable land
I knelt down before you
Pleaded  you not to leave
But you had your charismatic ways
To convince me you will be back !
Now I have crossed the seven seas
Looking for you with
Pretty flowers of your choice !
But you are nowhere to be seen
I cried I wept
I shouted
Then I hear an echo
Come my love
Embrace me tight
I am all yours !
The sea calmed down
The thunder stopped
Flowers bloomed
Our souls merged
In each other
Heavens and fairies sang
A sublime love was reborn !


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